The Coolest Cat In The World!


Hi. My name is Sidney and I'm a 'tunaholic'.
My human's names are John and Joanne.
I'm nine, now, but....wanna see my baby pictures?
.....ahh, better make that "kitty picture"s.


When I was young, I liked to play ball,
and still do...


I slept a lot, and still do.
I always dreamed of having
my own car.


Guess what? My dream came true.
I have my own car, now!
But, before I go for a "ride",
I always walk around and kick the tires.


On nice days I like to leave
the convertable top off.

Now I'm thinking of getting a motor home.


You're right....I was born in a barn.
So what's your point?
You have a problem with that?


What's this? You're kiddin' me!
(Hey, you promised you wouldn't use that picture!)
I'm so humiliated! Let me explain...
It's just that the tuna was 'whisker-lickin' good'...
(Awww man, look at my hair! I can't believe this!)


Almost dark...guess it's time to go inside
I sure wouldn't want to be
a sitting "duck" when those
owls come out to hunt.


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