Flag A World War II Memorial
To The Men And Women Who Served
In World War II
From Haslett, Ingham County, Michigan
And Vicinity



School Street, Haslett, Ingham County, Michigan

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Robert A Condon
about 1945


    Like thousands of other men and women across this country, my father, Robert Albert Condon, served his country in World War II as a member of Company A 130th Infantry from Michigan. He left his wife and two very young sons to join the Army. His service took him to the Pacific theater where he was stationed in Okinawa, Philippines and Luzon, in the rank of Staff Sargeant. He was discharged from Company A 130th Infantry, on January 10, 1946, at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. The debt can never be repaid for the sacrifices that were made, by him, and all who served.

    On School street, in Haslett, Ingham County, Michigan, stands a memorial "Dedicated To The Men And Women Of Haslett And Vicinity Who Served In World War II" - Erected By Chief Okemos Post 269 American Legion. It has stood in front of the Haslett Elementary School for as long as I can remember. It was always behind me when I waited for the school bus, to take me home. I knew exactly where my father's name was and would point it out to anyone, who acted like they cared. Sometimes they would point to their father's name. It was a big deal when we were in elementary school. Then we forgot. It wasn't until 1995 that I remembered again. I visited the monument and thought about what it meant. I saw the surnames of many of my classmates. I never realized how many fathers, from our little town, went to war. I took some pictures and thought I would remind everyone....to remember. These are the names, engraved on that monument:


Those Who Served

Dale Anderson
Russell R. Anderson
D. H. Brooks
Walter S. Emmers
Leonard E. Good
Harold E. Joy
Otis D. Joy
*E. R. Degrio [De Grio]
Harold W. McGiveron
Raymond S. McGiveron
Douglas W. McGiveron
Daryle D. Pulver
Dee R. Remus
Ardin Toms
Danny E. Lee
Theodore Zalewski
Russell Bidwell
Daniel E. Brown
Howard L. Gibson
Norman G. Mock
Wayne E. Peterson
Jay H. Snyder Jr.
Corwin K. Voss
G. K. Whitmore
Gerald Weissinger
Ross H. BeVier
Robert V. Bamford
Donald D. Devlin
Gilbert B. Hart
Burman Jury
Murry Meyers
James W. Parrish
Troy Remus
Cecil G. Richards
R. E. Schafer
Bruce Smith
Robert E. Walters
Harold K. Burns
Marion L. Casper
Eugene F. Devlin
William F. Ferris
Donald G. Kaiser
Robert W. Moelter
Wendell Perry
L. D. Richards
Raymond Sherman
T. L. VanAtta
Roy W. Wescott
Cleo N. Mock
E. D. Alward
Cleo W. Buxton
Lyle W. Buxton
*William T. Wilson
Robert C. Behm
Fred Dietzen
Donald R. Ferris
Roland C. Howes
Robert E. Howes
Franklin J. Howes
John J. Cain
Orville L. Everette [Everett]
James A. Flood Jr.
D. A. King
Irene A. Marsh
Jay Woodrow Marsh
G. A. Otto
Lyons G. Otto
Robert R. Robinson Jr.
John A. Robinson
Russell W. Robinson
Richard C. Strieter
Theron G. Hicks
Robert A. Condon  photo
J. F. Dugan
Lyle Wiggins
Orin B. Abbey
Harold F. Carter
Louis K. Davis
Wayne Engelter
Jack M. Godfrey
Tadd A. Godfrey
Louis C. Miller
F. G. Pentrick
Victor J. Tihart
John Brooks
Dale W. Flotka
Gerald L. Flotka
Rex A. Davis
Harry Austin
W. F. Burger
Donald D. Cross
Robert J. Lynch
*Edward G. Marsh
Max E. Otis
Robert L. Schaibly
Casper L. Smith
William C. Coryell
Douglas E. Winnie
James Otterson
Sherrill VanOstran
William Cummins
Donald T. Smith
Samial McVey
Gerald Case
Charles E. Cousins
Max Zechinato
Donald M. Hidecker
Donald Grays [Crays]
William F. Kinkester
Jack Baker
Harold Brooks
Robert Barnett
Dae Nostrant
Fletcher Bennett
Elmer J. Warner  photo
George Leopke
Vern Davis
Gordon Peterson
Roy D. Donald
Earl M. Fulk
Bernard R. Shaw
Donald Abenroth [Abendroth]
Alex Olson
Leo Temple
Donald Temple
Robert J. BeVier
Richard Gearhart
Vere A. Buxton
Willard A. Stoddard
John A. Bolton
Earl A. Mead
Bert Kent Jr.
Thomas Malkin
Howard A. Baldwin
John A. Chick
Charles G. Gorsuch
Frank W. Hoyt
Harold Purcell Jr.
R. G. Remus
Clarence W. Thompson
R. W. Whitmore
James J. Hicks  photo
Kenneth L. Kuhn
Holly A. McDonald
George H. Monroe
Kenneth E. Richards
Robert Schoun [Schoen]
Edgar H. Angel
Richard W. Perry
Ward Kent Jr.
Russell A. Miller
Wallace H. Spragg
Jack R. Campbell
Lawrence Helmer
Ezra Schibly [Schaibly] Jr.
D. B. Moore
*Raymond L. Fitzgerald
Dudley E. McKean
Vernor Davis
Maynard G. Miller
Robert Marsh
John G. Schaibly
Wayne R. Cousin
Floyd G. Marlett
*Theodore H. Ennis
James Cannarile
Henry Leopke
A. G. Sherman
H. D. VanEtta [VanAtta]
Richard J. Baker
Ernest S. Calkins
Fred Fulton Jr.
Chas. Hettenger [Hettinger] Jr.
Clayton D. Otis
Doyle Ryan
John Quincy
Frank R. Ottarson
Farrel E. Alward
Ralph Calkins
Donna H. Roudenbush
Everett Sherman
C.W. McIntyre
Laurence R. Pulver
*Jeremiah A. Lee
J. L. Clifford
James E. Hoepple
Robert E. Marvin
Ivan M. Hicks
Frank H. Brown
Buddy F. Tomlinson
Leo D. Esch
W. E. Brooks Jr.
John M. Coryell
Paul L. Moyes
Willard G. Graham
Melvin C. McCallum
Raymond E. Devlin
Gerald A. Shumaker [Shoemaker]
Oscar F. Smith
Donald Jones
Frank E. VanVerst
John Angel
Fred Larson
Robert G. Leavens
Walter L. Burnett
F. J. Meaton
F.W. Hauser
Norman Kapla




I have no additional information on the men and women, honored on the memorial. For more information, you may contact the AMERICAN LEGION POST 269, located nearby, at 1485 Haslett Rd., Haslett, Michigan 48840. Phone: (517) 339-9018. There you will find contact information and useful links, including several photos of past Memorial Day Services, at The Memorial.



    A National WWII Memorial was finally built in Washington D.C. This is the first WW II memorial dedicated to all who served during World War II. It honors all military veterans of the war, the citizens on the home front and the nation at large.

It is located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. at the Rainbow Pool site at the east end of the Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

The memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11, 1995, and accepted by President George W. Bush, at a formal ceremony, during a four day celebration. Groundbreaking was held on Veterans Day 2000. The memorial was funded almost entirely by private contributions.

Visit the






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