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Comfortably located on an excellent farm on section 34, in Cambria township, which comprises eighty acres of, fertile and well tilled land, and is provided with substantial and convenient buildings of ample capacity, Sidney O. FULLER, one of the "old -timers," and skillful and progressive farmers of the township, is passing the evening of his life in cheerfulness and peace, secure against the adverse winds of fortune and well established in the confidence and esteem of his fellow men. He is a native of Washington county, New York, born on June 18, 1823, and was reared and educated in his native county, receiving there a common school education and also learning on his father's farm lasting lessons of industry and frugality. There also he was united in marriage with Miss Miranda FULLER, a native of the same county.

His parents were Cornelius and Lydia (French) FULLER, both children of Revolutionary heroes. His maternal grandfather, John French, was captured by the Indians while serving in the Colonial army and was held in captivity by his savage tormentors for three years. He finally escaped by creeping through the forest and wet swamps at night, going three days without food, but he was very soon thereafter taken prisoner again by another tribe, later escaping from his second captors in the same manner as before. When the War of 1812 began he again shouldered his musket and fought gallantly in that contest against the enemies of his country.

Cornelius FULLER grew to manhood in New York state and learned his trade as a carpenter. He was drafted in the War of 1812, and served the required time with credit and courage His family numbered ten children, of whom Sidney was the ninth born. In 1845 he came with his parents and three others of their ten children to Michigan and settled with them on a tract of new and unbroken land near Woodbridge township, in this county. They remained on this land a few years, then sold it and bought another tract in the same neighborhood. A little later they removed to Woodbridge township, and here both parents died, the mother at middle age in 1853, and the father in 1865, when about seventy. He was a republican in political faith in the closing years of his life and the mother was a devout member of the Baptist church.

Mr. Sidney O. FULLER's own life has passed wholly amid the elevating and tranquilising pursuits of agriculture, and more than fifty of its best years have been given to the development and improvement of this county. He came here when the whole section was a wilderness and has lived to see it rejoicing in the products of peace and cultivated life, full well advanced on a career of prosperity and commercial, agricultural, educational and moral greatness, that may well make him justly proud of his share in working out the beneficent results of the systematic labor which has been expended upon it. He and his wife were the parents of two children, Danvers and Matilda, who died young. They then adopted as their own, Albert E. FULLER, a son of Samuel FULLER, whom they carefully reared and educated. When he reached years of maturity, on May 3, 1887, he married with Miss Mary McNAMARA, a native of Stoughton, Mass., and a daughter of John and Mary McNAMARA, who came to Michigan while she was yet a child. They have one child, Eugene, who is living at home.

On this family the shadow of the Civil War, which almost rent our country in twain, rested heavily. Mrs. FULLER's father, John McNAMARA, was a soldier in the Union army and died a wretched prisoner amid the horrors of captivity at Andersonville, and Albert E. FULLER's father, Samuel, and brother James, who were both members of the Tenth Michigan Infantry, also died in the service, the former from exposure and the latter from wounds received in battle. The father was buried in the National Cemetery at Chattanooga.

Sidney O. FULLER's faithful and devoted wife, after walking life's troubled way with him for more than half a century, died on December 26, 1896, and since that time he has been quietly wai Schullerville, N. Y., where he was engaged as a miller, and died at an advanced age. In the meantime, however, he had shouldered his musket again, and fought the enemies of his country in the War of 1812.

After marriage the parents of our subject settled on a farm near Lawrenceberg, Warren Co., N. Y., whence they removed to Saratoga County, later to Washington County, and finally Wayne County. About 1845 the parents and four of their ten children came to Michigan, and located on a tract of new land near Woodbridge Township, where they lived a few years, then sold, and purchased again in the same locality, The mother died about 1853 in middle life, in Woodbridge Township. Cornelius FULLER spent his last years in Woodbridge Township, passing away in 1865, when about seventy years of age. He was a Republican during the last years of his life, and the mother was a devout member of the Baptist Church. Three of their children are now living,(1888) and residents mostly of Michigan.

Sidney O. FULLER was the ninth child of his parents, and in common with his brothers and sisters acquired a common-school education, and was reared to habits of industry. He was married, in New York State, to Miss Marinda FULLER, who was born and reared in Washington County, N. Y., and by her union with our subject became the mother of two children, Danvers and Matilda, who both died young. They have now an adopted son, Albert E. FULLER, who is married, and lives on a farm in Cambria Township.

Mr. FULLER is a man of intelligence, and keeps himself well posted on current events, although steadily declining to become an office-holder, for the responsibilities of which his townsmen have considered him eminently fitted, and have often desired him to take. He votes the straight Republican ticket, and, with his estimable wife, is a member in good standing of the Baptist Church. (Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Mich., Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1888, pg. 804-805.)

REUBEN J FULLER, whose name appears frequently in the foregoing list, came from Sullivan, Madison Co., N.Y., with his family, and settled on section 10 in Adams on the 2d of February, 1837. His location is immediately east of the village of North Adams. He purchased the south 40 of his 80 in 1835, and has resided upon his place since his settlement in 1837. (History of Hillsdale County, Michigan Everts & Abbott 1879 pg. 223)

PERRY HOPKINS is prominently identified with the industrial interests of Hillsdale County, as a farmer, stock-raiser and cooper, being very prosperously engaged in these pursuits on section 11 of Woodbridge Township. He was born in New York State, Nov. 29, 1831, and is the son of the late David and Olive (Larrabee) HOPKINS, natives respectively of Connecticut and New York, the father born in 1800 and the mother in 1804. In 1836 they came to Michigan and located in Rome, Lenawee County, where Mr. HOPKINS industriously pursued his occupation of farmer until his death in 1866. He had received his education in the common schools, and was an intelligent man, much respected by all for his virtuous, upright life, and was a stanch adherent of the Quaker society. His wife was a Close Communion Baptist, and an earnest Christian; she survived him some years, dying in 1872. They had seven children, namely: Perry (our subject), Trueman, Lodema, Susanna, Polly, Martha and Lucinda. Mr. HOPKINS also had four children by a former marriage - David, Russell, Amanda and Nancy.

He of whom we write, coming to Michigan when a small boy in the very early days of the settlement of the southern part of this State, was reared in the pioneer home of his parents in the township of Rome, Lenawee County. He endured with them all the privations and hardships of such a life, where, though they had plenty to eat, as wild game was abundant, many things now considered absolutely indispensable to comfort were sadly lacking. However, they were unneeded to develop in the young lad vigor of mind and body, and a manly self-reliance, which enabled him at the age of eighteen years to start out into the world, poor indeed in purse, but rich in spirit and energy. He learned the cooper's trade and for ten years followed it very successfully, thus acquiring considerable property, which enabled him to establish himself as a farmer, and in February, 1861, he purchased eighty acres of forest covered land, which now forms a part of his present farm. In the month of March he commenced to fell the trees on his land to make room and material to build a log house, into which he and his family moved in the month of may, before it was provided with either door or window. Since that time he has steadily made his way to an assured success, until now he owns one of the finest farms in this county, and has increased its area to 160 acres of rich and highly fertile land, on which he has made many valuable improvements. He has paid much attention to the breeding of high grades of horses and cattle, and is quite famous for his fine Hambletonians and Short-horns. He has erected a fine, commodious brick house, at a cost of $3,000, with a slate roof and handsomely furnished inside; it has two cellars, and its dimensions are: the main part 16x24, two stories in height; two wings, 16x16 and 18x21, and a kitchen 10x21. He built in 1884 a substantial barn at a cost of $1,500., 44x68 feet in dimensions, with 20-foot posts, 33,000 shingles covering the roof, and a basement eighty feet high under the center, in which are built thirty cords of stone.

Mr. HOPKINS was married to Miss Betsy A. BARNUM, July 2, 1853, and she has since been to him a most faithful and helpful wife, to whom much of his prosperity is due. She was born Oct. 18, 1830, in New York State, and was a daughter of Zar and Margaret (German) BARNUM, also natives of York State. They came to Michigan in 1840, and are now both deceased. Her father was a farmer and also a cabinet-maker. He was an active and esteemed member of the Baptist Church. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. HOPKINS has been productive of four children, of whom the following is the record: Adolphus died at the age of twenty; Madora, who died Aug. 4, 1880, was the wife of Dr. STEARNS, of Frontier, having been one of the first teachers in that town, and was very highly educated; Elfred was born in Franklin Township, Lenawee County; Orson was born Sept. 10, 1864, and is married to Luella POINTER. Elfred married, Oct. 2, 1884, Melissa CULBERTSON, who was born in Ohio, in 1859, and came to Michigan in 1882; they have one child, Alice M., born Dec. 29, 1887
Our subject and his wife occupy a good social position in this community, and are greatly respected by the people for their genuine worth and integrity, and their hospitable home is ever open to numerous friends. In his political views Mr. HOPKINS is an advocate of the Greenback party, while his sons are Democrats.

Warren STURDEVANT, a gentleman in the prime of life, actively engaged in agricultural pursuits in Cambria Township, has a finely improved farm of 120 acres on section 24. Besides this property he owns ninety acres on section 25, the greater part of which is in a productive condition. He has been a resident of this county for over thirty years, and is numbered among its solid and reliable men.

Our subject was born in Tompkins County, N.Y., April 2, 1844, and is the son of Elias L. and Olive (LEONARD) STURDEVANT, who were also natives of the Empire State. The paternal grandfather, Joseph STURDEVANT, was also born there, but spent a good share of his life in Pennsylvania, where he followed the trade of shoemaker; when a young man he served as a soldier in the War of 1812. Quite late in life he came to Michigan, and died in Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale County, in 1863, when seventy-seven years old. He had been twice married, and was in all respects a most estimable citizen.

Elias L. STURDEVANT, the father of our subject, spent his boyhood and youth in his native State, and was married in Tompkins County. After the birth of five children the parents removed to Fulton County, Ohio, living there one year, during which time they lost one son by death. About 1853 they came to this state locating first in Medina Township, Lenawee County, whence later they removed to a new farm in Wright Township, this county, which the father purchased, made some improvements, and then selling out invested a part of his capital in forty acres in Woodbridge Township. This property, a few years later, he traded for a farm in Ransom Township, which he occupied two years, then returned to Woodbridge Township, whence he again removed to Cambria Township, settling this time on forty acres on section 24, where he still lives. He is now seventy-five years old, a hard-working honest man, in early life a Whig, politically, and later a Republican. The wife and mother still continues the faithful partner of her aged husband, and is sixty-seven years old.

To Elias L. and Olive STURDEVANT there were born nine children, five sons and four daughters; one of the former and two of the latter are deceased. The living children are all married and settled in comfortable homes. Warren, our subject, acquired his education in the district schools, and in early manhood served an apprenticeship at the carpenter's trade; he followed this some years, and put up many excellent houses both in this county and in Eaton. He was first married, in Cambria Township, to Miss Helen REYNOLDS, who was born in Branch County, this State, in 1849, and a history of whose father, Chancy REYNOLDS, will be found on another page in this volume. Mrs. Helen STURDEVANT died at her home in Cambria Township, Sept. 9, 1871. She had no children.

Our subject contracted a second marriage in Cambria Township, this county, Nov. 20, 1875, with Mrs. Esther (MILES) HALL, who was born in California Township, Branch County, this State, March 18, 1849, and is the daughter of Chancy and Mary A. (REYNOLDS) Miles, who died some years ago, the father at Pilot Knob., Mo. About 1862, when forty-six years of age. The mother passed away some five years before the death of her husband, her death taking place in Branch County about 1857, when she was forty years old. They were natives respectively of Connecticut and New York, and were married in Branch County, this State. Mr. MILES was a well-educated man and followed teaching considerably during the younger years of his life. Later he engaged in farming.

The wife of our subject was first married in Adrian, Michigan, to Andrew HALL, a farmer by occupation, and who, during the late war, served as a Union soldier about three years in Company F, 2nd Michigan Infantry. After receiving his honorable discharge he returned to Cambria Township, from which he had enlisted, and died on the 28th of May, 1873. He left a wife and three children, one of whom, Eugene, died at the age of fifteen years; Harry and Bert, twenty-one and seventeen years of age, are living with their mother and stepfather. By this marriage Mr. STURDEVANT is the father of three children- Andrew W., Elias L., Jr., and Minerva E. the family residence is a well-built structure, convenient and substantial, and the other improvements of the homestead bear fair comparison with those of the intelligent farmers around. Mr. S. gives most of his attention to his agricultural pursuits and his personal affairs, having no desire for the responsibilities of office. He keeps himself well posted, however, upon current events, and uniformly votes the Republican ticket.

One of the leading business men and substantial property owners of Hillsdale, Michigan, is the subject of this sketch, Henry H. HOPKINS, a native of the state of New York, born in Yates county, on September 28, 1839, the son of Thomas and Orphia (Pierce) HOPKINS, both natives of the county of Putnam, in the same state. His father was engaged in merchandising, and he also followed the occupation of farming to a limited extent, during the early years of his life. In 1878 he disposed of his business and property in New York, and removed with his family to the city of Marshall, Michigan, where he and his wife continued to reside up to the time of their deaths in 1882. During the New York residence of Thomas HOPKINS, he was somewhat active in local politics from time to time, and for several years he held various local offices. For the long period of seventeen years he was the court-crier, and was one of the respected citizens and trustworthy officials of that section of the state. The paternal grandfather of H. H. HOPKINS was Jeremiah HOPKINS, an early settler of Putnam county, New York, and for many years one of its leading citizens, being also prominent in the circles of the Masonic fraternity. His maternal grandfather, Bizer PIERCE, was one of the early showmen of New York state, widely known throughout the Eastern and Middle States. He lived to the great age of ninety-nine years.

Henry H. HOPKINS, of this review, was one of a family of ten children, four of whom are still residents of the state of Michigan. He received his early education, and attained man's estate in New York. After the completion of his education, he first engaged in farming, subsequently learning the harness trade, thereafter following the occupation of manufacturing harness. Subsequently, he disposed of this business to advantage, and for twenty-five years engaged successfully in selling musical instruments. In 1873 he removed his residence to the city of Toledo, Ohio, and, in 1876, he again removed to the city of Hudson, Michigan, where he remained until 1879, when he established himself in his present home at Hillsdale, Michigan. In 1881, he entered upon the manufacture and sale of "Professor HOPKINS Indian blood remedy", which is now fully established as a popular and a reliable medicine, and he has been very successful in this enterprise. The remedy enjoys an extensive sale throughout the United States and Canada, and the business is fast attaining large proportions. In the year 1877, Mr. HOPKINS was united in marriage at Hudson, Michigan, with Miss Malinda KNAPP, a native of Wheatland township, this county. Politically, Mr. HOPKINS is identified with the Republican party, and takes an active and leading interest in public affairs, although he has never been a seeker for office. By industry, ability, and careful attention to business, he has built up a large, successful and constantly growing business, and he is one of the representative men of the community of his residence. (Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale Co., Michigan pg. 270-71)

HENRY HINKLE, who so ably guided the fortunes of Woodbridge township for five years as its supervisor, is a native of Hillsdale county, born in Wright township on November 7, 1851. His parents were Samuel D. and Salora (Benedict) HINKLE, the former a native of Pennsylvania and the latter of New York. The father was both a blacksmith and a farmer and carried on thriving industries in both occupations, first in his native state and, after 1856, in Michigan, moving here in that year and settling on eighty acres of unbroken forest land in Wright township. He resided on this tract until 1867 and devoted his best efforts to clearing it for cultivation and making it productive as a farm and comfortable as a home. In the year last named he traded it for a farm in Cambria township, to which he moved his family and on which he passed the rest of his life, dying in 1881, leaving a widow who still survives him and makes her home with her children. They were the parents of eleven children, all of whom are living. Both were earnest and serviceable members of the Methodist Episcopal church. The paternal grandfather was a native of Pennsylvania, a blacksmith by trade and an early settler near Columbus, Ohio, where the remaining years of his life were passed.

Henry HINKLE grew to man's estate in Hillsdale county, and got his education in the public schools. He began life for himself as a farmer on the old home on which he lived, engaged in this cultivation for five years. He then purchased a threshing outfit and used it to the great advantage of the farmers in all parts of the county for two years, after that dealing in farm produce for a year. Some time later he bought the farm of 128 acres on which he now lives in Woodbridge township and which has ever since been his home. Into its improvement and cultivation he has put the energy and skill of his more mature years and has made it an impressive illustration of what systematic and intelligent industry can accomplish, it being now one of the model farms of the township, yielding abundant returns for the faith and toil involved in its tillage. He was married in this county, in 1876? to Miss Sarah FULLER, a daughter of David and Olive FULLER, early settlers of Woodbridge township, both of whom are now deceased. Mr. and Mrs. HINKLE have six children: Olive, engaged in teaching at Albion; Elva, an instructor in a school at Hillsdale; Grace, a popular teacher of Detroit; Elizabeth, Florence and David at home. The first three are graduates of the State Normal School. For many years after reaching his majority Mr. HINKLE was a Republican in political faith; but he is now a Free-Silver Democrat. He has been active in behalf of the advancement and development of the township, and has served its people well as supervisor, first in 1891, 1892 and 1893, and again in 1895 and 1896. He has also taken a great and serviceable interest in educational matters and has filled with credit and advantage to the community several school offices. He is a member of the Patrons of Husbandry, being active in the affairs of the grange at Cambria. (Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County, Michigan, Elon G. Reynolds, pgs 153-154, Mitchell Public Lib., Hillsdale, Hillsdale Co., Michigan)

ANDREW REYNOLDS, a thrifty farmer and stock-raiser of Cambria Township, is pleasantly located, with his land lying on sections 25 and 36; besides general farming, he gives a large share of his attention to the raising of Durham cattle and Poland-China swine. The most of his land, comprising a good farm of 275 acres, is in a productive condition, and his residence occupies a pleasant situation in the southern part of section 25.

Mr. Reynolds, a gentleman in the prime of life, was born in the township of California, Branch County, this State, Oct. 30, 1846. His father, Chancy Reynolds, was born in Lyons, Wayne Co., N. Y., and was the son of Joseph Reynolds, one of the most thrifty farmers of the Empire State. Grandfather Reynolds left his native soil after reaching middle life, and took up his abode in Branch County, three miles from any house, in the township of California. There he spent his last years, continuing a tiller of the soil, and surrounded himself with many comforts before his death, which occurred in 1850 or 1851.

Joseph Reynolds, upon reaching manhood, took up, like his father before him, a tract of Government land sometime in the thirties and continued a resident of Branch County the remainder of his life, he and his excellent wife passing away within a few days of each other, both at the age of sixty-five years.

Chancy Reynolds was but a boy when he came with his parents to Branch County, this State, and upon reaching manhood sought his wife among the maidens of Bedford, Monroe County, being married, about 1841, to Miss Triphena TUTTLE, who was also a native of New York State, and came to Michigan with her parents during its Territorial days. The young people after their marriage located upon a tract of land in California Township, Branch County, where the father labored industriously as a tiller of the soil, and was rewarded in due time by the possession of a fertile farm, supplied with good buildings, and all the other appurtenances of a comfortable home. They endured hardships and privations, and practiced the most rigid economy. The first meal in their new home was cooked by the side of a stump, and eaten from the same dish. They worked together with one common purpose, and about 1848, having a chance to dispose of their property to good advantage, sold out in Branch County, and took up a tract of eighty acres of wild land in Camden Township, this county, which was then far from any neighbors, and where they nearly repeated the process through which they had gone in Branch County. Upon this, however, they resided but a few years, and selling out once more, the father purchased 120 acres in Camden Township, which he cultivated for a time, then sold out again, and purchased eighty acres in Reading Township. Upon this he made some improvements, but removed from it in 1852 to the northeast quarter of section 36, Cambria Township, purchasing also at the same time twenty acres in Jefferson Township adjoining. This also was a wild and unbroken tract, but the father seemed to delight in subduing the wilderness, and here also effected a great change in the primitive condition of the soil. He also put up two houses with the other needed buildings and here continued to reside until his death which took place Aug. 18, 1865.

The father of our subject, in addition to his farming ?, dealt considerably in real estate, buying and selling extensively. At the same time he took a lively interest in township affairs, and was a staunch supporter of Democratic principles. The mother survived her husband until 1880, dying February 21 of that year, at the home of our subject, in Cambria Township. She had been a true helpmate to her husband, who, without her ready cooperation, would probably have fallen far short of that which he was enabled to accomplish.

To Chancy Reynolds and his excellent wife there were born eleven children, six sons and five daughters, seven of whom lived to mature years, and are all married and settled in this State. Andrew, our subject, is the third eldest living. He Mrs. Reynolds was born in Sodus Township, Wayne Co., N. Y., April 26, 1851, the daughter of Alcanzer and Amanda (Hopkins) Fuller, also natives of Wayne County, N. Y., where they were married, and whence they removed to Michigan, when their daughter Amanda(?) was an infant four months old. The father, a carpenter by trade, followed his occupation until removing to Woodbridge Township, this county, where he purchased a small tract of land, thirty-five acres in extent, which he improved and added to until he is now the owner of a good farm of 110 acres, with convenient and substantial buildings. Mr. Fuller is fifty-eight years of age, and his estimable wife sixty-one. Their family included three daughters, who are now residing in Michigan.

Mrs. Reynolds continued under the parental roof until her marriage, and is now the mother of two interesting children, a daughter and son, Eva A. and Chancy, who are pursuing their studies in the district school. Mr. Reynolds, politically, has affiliated with the Democratic party since becoming a voter. Their neat homestead invariably attracts the eye of the passing traveler, and in all its surroundings indicates the thrift and industry of the proprietor. (Portraits and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co. Mich Chicago: Chapman Brothers 1888 pgs. 389-390)

Sketch on David Vincent Worley....June 5, 1918, Charley married Mary Iona Stover whos parents, Homer and Etta French Stover, had moved "up from Ohio" to the farm home up on the hill, the first house south of the Frontier cemetery. At the time, she was working for Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Reynolds, of Cambria Township who had a large farm and livestock operation.... ...Upon his return to Hillsdale County he worked for Andrew Reynolds. He and Mary lived in the little Reynolds house across the road from the family residence. (Source: 150 Years in the Hills and Dales by Elon Reynolds. Charley Meyers, as interviewed by Edith Ash. pgs. 390-91.)

Otsego County, by Charles F. Davis
William E. HATCH, born August 10, 1818 in the township of Gratten, Tompkins Co., New York, died September 14, 1984. Mr. HATCH came to Michigan July 15, 1841 and located in the township of Salem, Washtenaw Co. and devoted considerable of his time at carpenter labor, this being his trade. Mr. HATCH came to Elmira township and located the east ½ of southeast ¼ of section 15 and the east ½ of the northeast ¼ of section 15 built there on a dwelling and lived with his son, Charles, and family up till the time of his death. He built one of the largest frame barns in the section doing the entire work himself, and not a mistake was made. Mr. HATCH was a member of the Presbyterian Church, a straight forward upright man and had many friends in this section. We lost a good neighbor, a friend and a Christian. He leaves one heir, C. L. HATCH with whom he lived and died.

John A. HATCH died December 12, 1901 at Hanover, Michigan. He was born in Spring Arbor, Michigan and passed his 65 years of life near there. His first home was a log house and he said there were seventeen stumps in his storeyard. In May 1865 he married Angeline M. THORN and they possessed a fine farm and a happy home.

Mrs. Hannah (MILES) HOPKINS who was prostrated by a stroke of apoplexy Monday morning passed peacefully away Saturday afternoon, June 18, 1892 at the residence of Frank E. WILLETT, where she had been making her home much of the time during the past few years. The deceased whose maiden name was MILES, was born in Homer, Cortland Co., New York, May 20, 1821. In June 1839 she came to Flint, and on January 14, 1847, she was united in marriage to Henry HOPKINS, who died in September 1853. On April 18, 1864 she was married to George S. HOPKINS and four years later she was again left a widow. Since that time she had occupied positions of trust in different households and in a humble way she showed herself to be true Christian and by example taught many lessons of patience and self denial. She was greatly esteemed by all who knew her and her death has caused sincere regret among a large circle of friends and acquaintances who had learned to respect and admire her for her many sterling qualities of character. She leaves to morn her loss one son, Nelson of Flint, and one daughter, Alice L. HOPKINS who is a member of the family of William A. MILLER.

James and Thomas SARGENT, Jr., twin sons of Thomas SARGENT, early pioneers of Kent Co. [Michigan], died a few years ago, but their death was not chronicled in the memoirs of the pioneers of the county, yet they were conspicuous figures of the early days because of the close resemblance of each to the other so marked and close with this appearance that their most intimate friends could not name them correctly with any degree of certainty. For several years they were employed on a steamer plying between Grand Rapids and Grand Haven and when referred to by travelers, or teamsters, were always as "Tom or John, I declare, I don't know which". After the death of their father, they succeeded him in the street sprinkling and ice business and for years were well known figures upon the streets of that city. The close resemblance continued through life.



EVALINE A HIGLEY, daughter of Andrew and Rhoda [FULLER] Reynolds of Frontier was born in Cambria Twp, Hillsdale Co. Michigan January 27, 1876 died in Frontier, MI November 10, 1911 age 35 yrs. 10 mo 21 days. In her early years after finishing a course in a rural school, she attended Hillsdale college pursuing the regular course of the senior year when owing to a decline of health, she deemed it advisable to cease her collegiate studies. She had also pursued the course in the conservatory of music. She joined in marriage Herman O. HIGLEY October 14, 1897. For about the period of a year at each place, they dwelt at Woodbridge, Reading, Cambria thence Frontier where they have lived the most of the time of their married life. For a period of about 2 years, before her mothers death, which occurred in the autumn of 1903, she remained at her childhood home to assist in the household cares and since that time has had that home as well as her own constantly on her mind always looking after the welfare of her father and brother. Her health has not been robust for a number of years but the suddenness of her death startled the community. Thursday she had been to Hillsdale and enjoyed the long walks which she took, feeling better than usual on Friday morning. When she had dinner almost ready and asking her husband to assist in some household cares which he attended, she called his name hurridly to which he at once responded and found that a violent hemorrage from the lungs or throat had set in. In less than 4 minutes her heart ceased beating. Her funeral occurred Sunday, the funeral discourse being delivered by Rev. W.H. Clay the minister who had officiated at her wedding. Her life commanded the respect of ever community in which her lot was cast. She was sympathetic, a lover of pets, never trifling and though often sufferer, refused to repose her sufferings by complaint to others. Her departure is a distinct loss to the community as well as to her husband, brother and other dear relatives. (Hillsdale Newspaper Obit Nov. 1911)

Allen - July 9 - Mrs. Fred HATCH celebrated her 85th birthday Wednesday at a family party at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley JONES. Luncheon was served followed by a social afternoon. The honeree was the recipient of many gifts. Members of the family gathered for the occasion were Mrs. HATCH's daughters, Mrs. Albert KEANE, and Mrs. Herbert HOWARD of Detroit, Mrs. John STEWART of Burr Oak, Mrs. William BOYETTE of Battle Creek, and son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Earl HATCH OF Burr Oak. Other guests were grandchildren and great grandchildren, Mrs. James DWYER, and daughter Marilyn, Sandra HOWARD, Barbara STEWERT of Burr Oak, Ronald BOYETTE of Battle Creek, and Mrs. C. Ray HATCH, and daughter Shirley of Hillsdale. Mrs. Mitt BRADDOCK of Union City and Echo JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Fred JONES, and daughter, Darlene, were also present.

Mrs. Verena I HATCH, 77, Bronson [Branch Co., Michigan], former resident of Hillsdale and nearby area most of her life died this morning at Sturgis Memorial Hospital. She had been living with her son since 1959. She was born in Milwaukee County, April 14, 1887, the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Mc MANUS. Earl L. HATCH, to whom she was married in 1906 preceeded her in death, Christmas day 1963. She was also preceded in death by a grandchild, a sister and two brothers. She is survived by her son C. Ray HATCH of Bronson, 3 grandchildren and one great-grandchild, a brother Edwin McMANUS of Phoenix. Funeral services will be Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the Van Horne Funeral Home. Burial will be in the Lakeview Cemetery. The family will meet friends at the funeral home Tuesday evening from 7 to 9.


In Scrapbook by Blanche Wolcott 1987

Mrs. Andrew Reynolds was born in Sodus, Wayne Co., New York April 26, 1851 and came with her parents to Michigan in the same year and resided with them at their home in Woodbridge until her marriage with Andrew Reynolds in 1874 and died September 9, 1903 at their home in Cambria, where she has spent all the years of her married life. To them were born 2 children, a daughter, Mrs. Herman HIGLEY, of Hillsdale and a son, Chauncey, who lives at the home. Besides them and her husband, she leaves a mother Mrs. Ellen Hatch of Frontier and Mrs. Chester Hutchings of Hillsdale. The deceased was a woman of very strong and impulsive nature, ever extending a helping hand to those who were not so well provided with this world's goods, as herself. The esteem in which she was held, was very strongly evidenced by the great number which gathered to pay their respects to one whose place in their hearts can never be filled.

Former Resident Died in Chicago Last Night - June 28, 1883
News came to the relatives her today of the death of Charles HUTCHINS, who died in Chicago last night of heart trouble, after gradually failing for a year. He was in his 80th year. Mr. HUTCHINS was a veteran of the Civil War having served in Co. D 18th Mich Infantry. The remains will be brought to Hillsdale Saturday and taken to a home of a niece, Mrs. Ernest HINKLE, where the funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock. Buriel will be in the Cambria Cem. Mr. HUTCHINS leaves a wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters, Mrs. Albert FULLER of Hillsdale is a sister of the deceased. Clayton HUTCHINS of Hillsdale is a half brother and Mrs. J.D. BABCOCK is a sister-in-law.

Services for Mrs. Herbert BROWN June 11, 1929. Many friends and relatives from Hillsdale yesterday attended the funeral services at Logansport, Ind for Mrs. Nellie BROWN, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sidney FULLER of this city. Mrs. BROWN passed away Friday after an illness of a year. The deceased born to Hillsdale and has spent most of her life here. For the past 20 years, she has lived in Logansport. She leave to mourn their loss, her husband Herbert Brown and 2 sons, Stanley and Rondo and 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Those from here who attended the service were Mr & Mrs. Sidney FULLER, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest HINKLE, Mr. & Mrs. Fred BROWN and Mr. & Mrs. Manley BROWNs.



Hillsdale Standard, February 11, 1890
ELMER W. HATCH was born December 31, 1853, in Steuben county, N.Y. Came to Michigan with his parents in October 1858, settling in Woodbridge. Elmer was brought up on the farm working with his father in cultivation the farm on which they lived, thus laying the foundation of industry and frugality, which ever after characterizes life. Feb. 21, 1875, he was married to Miss Ellen FULLER, who now with three children is left to morn the loss of a kind companion and an indulgent father. he was taken with La Grippe [influenza]; while suffering with pain and disease his little daughter, of nine years, was stricken down by death. This was a terrible shock to him, and the disease went to his head and reason was dethroned. All that was possible to be done by friends and the best medical help to be had proved of no avail. Surrounded by his family, his aged father, brothers and only sister, he passed away on the 31st day of Jan'y, aged 38 years and one month. His funeral was held at the Frontier church, Feb. 2, Rev. Mr. Clark conducting the services, basing his remarks on the words; "Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like his." After which the remains were laid to rest beside his two children that had gone before him, there to rest till time shall be no more.
The family and relatives have the sympathy of the neighborhood in their sad affliction.

Sidney FULLER age 72 years passed away at six o'clock this morning at his home 354 West street north. Death followed an illness of two months and was due to complication of diseases. Mr. FULLER was born in Woodbridge township July 13, 1856 and had lived in this city for the past twenty years. he was a member of the United Brethren Church.
He leaves to morn, their loss his wife, Luella FULLER, two daughters Mrs. Arlye MOSHER of Lima, Ohio, Mrs. Mattie MARTIN of Gary, Ind., three sons, Elmer of California, Zack of Battle Creek and Ernest of Pontiac.
Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon. Rev. A.E. MOOR will officiate and interment will take place in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

LOUELLA HINKLE FULLER daughter of Samuel and Salora HINKLE was born Feb. 11, 1860. Her early life was spent in Wright Twp., with her parents. April 14, 1878 she united in marriage with Sidney A. FULLER and their first home was founded in Clair Co. Mich. Later they came to Hillsdale Co. Mich., where to this union were born 7 children, Elmer, Nellie, Zack, Alice, Earnest, Mattie and Arlye. This family circle was unbroken for 38 years when Alice left it, Nellie following 11 years later. April 14, 1928, Mr. and Mrs. FULLER celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with their children. The father's health failed during the past winter and he preceded Mrs. FULLER by just one month.

The mother at this time went to the home of her daughter, in Gary where she rapidly failed and joined her other loved ones, April 25, 1929 at the age of 68 years. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon Apr. 28th at 3 o'clock at the home in Hillsdale conducted by Rev. A.E. MOOR. The body was laid to rest in the Oak Grove cemetery beside her companion who preceeded her in death by on[e] month.

Pearl M SARGENT also known as Pearl M. BAILY 66 of 116 N. Ann St, Reading born 6-19-1917, died 8-2-1983 at Hillsdale Community Health Center - daughter of Andrew T & Blanche R Tower VAN BURKIRK, moved to Michigan from Drayton Plains. Survived by 1 daughter Lucille CARTER, Whittier, California. 3 sons - Henry SMITH of Michigan - Kenneth DUNNING of Whittier, California & Jack DUNNING of La Puente, California. 3 brothers, Bill of Grand Rapids, Andy of Pontiac & Bert L of Reading - preceded in death by brother Alfred. [Listed as being in Maple Grove Cemetery, Hudson]

Pittsford - May 10,1937 - Wm A SARGENT resided in Hillsdale 14 yrs died U of M - Ann Arbor
Cancer of the stomach almost 60 yrs old born in Holyoke, Mass., May 12, 1877 was a traveling salesman survived by Mo . Lucy A SARGENT - 1 brother Gordon SARGENT - 1 sister Mrs. Jessie VICKERS all of Pittsford. William never married. Leonard son. [Listed as being in Memorial Cemetery] Saturday afternoon at 2 at the Dutcher Chapel. Rev. A. E. MOORE will officiate and burial will be in the Frontier[page ends]

Hillsdale Standard - Feb. 11, 1890 (extraction by Charlotte Benge)
Elfred HOPKINS, the second son of Perry and Betsy Ann HOPKINS was born in Franklin twp. Lenawee Co. Michigan, August 18, 1859, and died in Hillsdale Co., January 10, 1935 age 75yrs. 4 mo and 23 da. Most of his life was spent in Frontier where November 29, 1883 he united in marriage to Miss Melissa CULBERTSON who died March 17, 1928. Besides these immediate relatives of the family, a brother Aldolphus, and a sister Medora, preceded him in death. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Alice M CROW and son, R. Blake HOPKINS, 6 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild and a brother, Orson HOPKINS, of New York State. Funeral services were conducted in the Dutcher Funeral Home by Rev W.H. Clay. Interment in the Frontier Cemetery.

December 26, 1963 -
Earl L. HATCH, 79, retired employee of the Alamo Engine Company and a retired baker, formerly with the Hillsdale Baking Company, died Wednesday at the Sturgis Hospital in Sturgis [Michigan]. He had resided in Bronson [Branch Co. Michigan] for the past four years. He was born in Hunkford, June 11, 1884, a son of Fred L. and Winnie A.
Earl L. HATCH 79, retired employee of the Alamo Engine Company and a retired Baker formally with the Hillsdale Baking Company died Wednesday at the Sturgis Hospital in Sturgis. He had resided in Bronson for the last 4 yrs. He was born in Hunkford [?Hungerford, Newaygo Co.?] June 11, 1884, son of Fred L. and Winnie A. (Hukill) Hatch . He was a longtime Hillsdale County resident before moving to Bronson. On April 11, 1906 he was married to Verena McMANUS who survives. She is currently a patient at the Maple Lawn Hospital in Coldwater. He is survived also by 1 son C. Ray HATCH of Bronson, 4 sisters Mrs. Zora KEANE, Mrs. Violet HOWARD, both of Detroit, Mrs. Olca STEWART of Burr Oak, Mrs. Lea BOYETTE of Battle Creek, 1 Brother Dean HATCH of Burr Oak and 3 grandchildren. Funeral Services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. at the Van Horn Funeral Home. Robert DRAYTON, reader of the Christian Scientist Church, will officiate. Burial will be at the Lakeview Cemetery in Hillsdale. There will be a visitation from 7-9 Friday at the funeral home. (Found in the Hillsdale Death List Book, Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale, Michigan)

Mrs. Winnie A. HATCH, 99, died Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Violet HOWARD, in Detroit. She was born in Ashtabula, Ohio, July 7, 1863, a daughter of Joshua and Cornelia HUKILL. She had lived in the Hillsdale - Frontier area for many years. She was a member of the Hillsdale United Bretheran Church. In 1881 she married Fred L. HATCH who preceeded her in death in 1932. She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. HOWARD and Mrs. Zora KEANE, Detroit, Mrs. Olca STEWART, Burr Oak, Mrs. Leah BOYETTE, Battle Creek, two sons, Earl L. HATCH, Bronson and Dean HATCH, Burr Oak, ten grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild. Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 from the Van Horne Funeral Home. Rev. A.E. MOORE will officiate and burial will be in the Frontier Cemetery. The family will meet friends at the funeral home Tuesday evening from 7 to 9.

Hillsdale Standard
May 18, 1880
FITZGERALD – In Ransom, May 11, 1880, of ulceration of the stomach. Mr. James F. Fitzgerald, sen., aged 79 years, 9 months and 9 days.
The subject of this notice was born in Orange county N.Y. From thence he removed to Alleghany county in the same State, where he resided until 1865, when he removed to Ransom, Michigan., where he remained until his death. Mr. F. was one of our most worthy and respected citizens, and will be greatly missed, not only by his wife, with whom he has lived for nearly 60 years, and children and near relatives, but by his large circle of friends and the community in general. He was a consistent and every day Christian, having been a professor of religion for over 60 years, and a consistent and worthy member of the Congregational church in Ransom since his settlement in that town. He retained his senses until his last moments and gave directions concerning his funeral with the same composure that a man would if he were merely starting on a journey, and expected to return to see if his orders were fulfilled. He requested that Wm. MABBS preach his funeral service, that the choir of the Congregational church sing at the grave, "Hark! From the tomb the doleful sound;" gave orders concerning the place where he desired to be buried; and he also selected Lewis THOMPSON to take charge at the funeral. In all matters that required candor and stability he was frank, and plain in conversation, and a fearless advocate of truth and right regardless of the frowns of his opponents or what the opinion of others might be. In politics he was a republican to the fullest extent.
SOURCE: Delores (Fitzgerald) Kimling

October 17, 1882
FITZGERALD – At the residence of her son-in-law, Ira W. BELL, in Pittsford, Mich., Oct., 6, 1882, Mrs. Mary FITZGERALD, aged 82 years and 7 days.
The subject of this notice was born in Orange county, N.Y., September 29, 1800. She moved from there to Alleghany[sic] county in early life, and from there to Ransom, Mich., in 1864 where she resided until the death of her husband, about two years ago, when she went to live with her daughter, Mrs. I. W. BELL, in Pittsford. Funeral services were held at Ransom Center in the congregational church, of which she was a worthy member during her residence in that place. The services were conducted by Rev. J. P. BORTON, pastor of the church. She was a professor of religion for 64 years, having experienced religion at the age of 18.
As thou art gone, our mother dear,
And silently around thy bier
We gently move,
We have but to review the past,
And note thy actions to the last,
To prove they love.

Now thou art gone, we contend
To let our haughty natures bend,
And look above;
And fancy, from yon starlight sphere,
Your mother's nature lingers here,
To guard and love.

Yes, thou art gone; but yet we find
Our mother's councils, firm but kind,
Has to us proved,
That naught that man has ever spanned
Can comprehend, and much less span,
A mother's love.
SOURCE: Delores (Fitzgerald) Kimling

Irene Belle FITZGERALD was born in Frontier, [Hillsdale Co., Michigan], Apr. 25, 1874 and died at her home in Woodbridge, Nov. 26. She was married to Martin WILDE, Aug. 28, 1892. To them were born two sons, who with the husband, father and mother, two sisters and brother are left to morn her loss. A short time previous to her death she gave her heart to the Lord and her last days were spent in earnest prayers for her loved ones she was soon to leave. Funeral services were held in the M. e. church Tuesday conducted by Rev. Geo. MILLIARD and interment was in Frontier cemetery. The beautiful floral offerings testified to the high esteem in which she was held.
SOURCE: Delores (Fitzgerald) Kimling

Hillsdale Daily News
Feb 1999
ORA E. HAYES - June 6, 1913 - January 23, 1999
Ora E. Hatch, age 85, of Bronson, died Saturday, Jan. 23, 1999 at Sturgis Hospital. She was born June 6, 1913 in Jackson to Lawrence and Iva (Kitchell) HAYES and moved to Bronson in 1959. She married Charles Ray HATCH on June 1, 1934, in Hillsdale. He died in 1979.
She had worked as an executive secretary for attorneys, then at the Kirsch Co. in Sturgis, retiring in 1978. She was a member of the Christian Science Church, the Bronson Women's Club, Mothers of Twins, Elks Lodge in Hillsdale, Small World Doll Club and the National Secretaries Association. Ora enjoyed traveling, golf, sewing, dancing and the cultural arts.
Surviving are her daughters, Mrs. Shirley OSBORNE of Elkhart, IN, Mrs. Kevin (Kay) PRIEBE of Bronson; son and daughter-in-law, Ray C. and (Barbara) HATCH of Homewood, IL; eight grandchildren; two great grandchildren; and a brother John HAYES of Hudson, Florida. She was preceded in death by two brother, Larry HAYES and Marcus HAYES.
Funeral services celebrating the life of Ora E. HATCH were Tuesday at Kolca Funeral Home in Bronson with Pricilla HOOPINGARNER of the Christian Science Church, Sturgis, officiating. Interment followed in Lakeview cemetery, Hillsdale. Memorial donations may be made to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
SOURCE: Delores (Fitzgerald) Kimling

Death Notice
REV. JOHN W. WARNER, who passed away at the home of his daughter Mrs. Cecil M. BEAR? Of Holyoke, Colorado, was the son of the late Rev. William Ely WARNER of Hillsdale Co.
Rev. William WARNER was among the early pioneers of this state having migrated here from the state of New York in 1835, having made the trip with an ox team, and even cutting his own way through the woods from Adrian to Medina, in Lenawee County. It was here that John W. WARNER was born on July 24, 1836. He was one of the first white children born in Lenawee county. His early playmates were the Indian children. His own memory carried him back to times, when he sat on the knee of the Indian Chief Bawbeese.
He was married to Ann Viola AGNEW April 7, 1858. The union was blest[sic] with 3 children, Charles M. of Shadyside, William E. of Hillsdale and Mary L. wife of Rev. Cecil M. Bear of Holyoke Colorado, all of whom survive him.
When Mr. WARNER was about forty years of age, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and influenced by the dying wish of his father, he felt the passion to proclaim the gospel by which he was saved.
He preached in various school houses of the county as a local preacher for a few years and in 1884 he was ordained as a Clergyman in the Methodist Protestant Church.
In this calling he pa[illegible]sed the remainder of his life acting as a pastor until advance age made it necessary to discontinue the active work. But he preached as occasion offered until the last few years of his life.
His wife preceded him to the Great Beyond, 5 years ago, after having walked the road of life together for 62 years.
Since that time he has made his home with his children. Eleven monghs ago he was stricken with paralysis(?) at the home of his daughter in Colorado. He was a helpless sufferer until he died at the age of 84 (or 89) years, 6 months and 6 days.
Besides his three children he had 5 grandchildren, all living except Glenn, the only son of Charles WARNER.
SOURCE: Delores (Fitzgerald) Kimling

Hillsdale Daily News
May 15, 1911
Mrs. Helen M. SARGENT, who has been keeping house for her son, Homer SARGENT, and living at 153 East Bacon street, fell down cellar last night about 9:00 o'clock and broke her neck and death followed soon after. The skull was fractured and her shoulder bone broken. A doctor was hastily summoned and she breathed but a few minutes after his arrival. The cellar is reached by means of a trap door and Mrs. SARGENT stepped off into space, not knowing that the door was open. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock, at the United Bretheren Church at Frontier. Rev. Snyder officiating and interment will be in the Frontier cemetery. The deceased was aged 76 years, 2 months and ? days. The SARGENTs have lived in Hillsdale about a year, the home having formerly been in Frontier, the son being a flour packer at Stock's Mills, Mrs. SARGENT was the daughter of Martin CARY. Her husband died and she had been living with her son, since the deaths of his wife four years ago, and looking after his three children. She had not been well for some time. There is a brother living in California.

Orlin Clifton SARGENT was born in Frontier, MI Hillsdale Co, twp Woodbridge Dec 23, 1900. Died 10/22/1918 in Jackson 18yr 10mo 22daysFa - Mo Homer of Frontier, Sister Mrs. John CHERRY of Adrian - 2 Brothers - Otto Elmer of Douglas AZ now in service & Rosco Cloid of Jackson, Michigan, Aunt Mrs. Dell Shaw[SHAULL] of Angola, Ind. Uncle Dorr Hatch of Reading, Michigan. [Believed to be in Frontier Cemetery]

March 9, 1961- Dorr A. HATCH 71 died suddenly Wednesday evening at his home at 27 West Carlton Road following a heart attack. He was a former employee of the Hillsdale County Road Commission and caretaker of the Hillsdale recreation hall. Mr. HATCH was born May 18, 1889 in Frontier and the son of Elmer and Ella. He had resided in Hillsdale for 37 years. He was married July 10, 1907 to Pearl B. BANKER who preceded him in death January 2, 1957. He is survived by 1 niece and 3 nephews. Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at the Van Horn Funeral Home. The Rev. Donnell Campbell will officiate. Buriel will be in the Frontier Cemetery. A visitation for friends will be held Friday evening from 7 to 9 at the Van Horn Funeral Home. (Found in the Hillsdale Death List Book, Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale, Michigan)

Hillsdale Daily News
26 July 1962
FRONTIER - MRS. HOMER (Bertha) SARGENT, 81, a retired seamstress, died this morning at 9 at Maplelawn Hospital where she had been a patient for three years.
She was born at Prattville, Dec. 21, 1880, a daughter of Henry J, and Leantine Sprague HELMICK. She graduated from Frontier High School and lived in Frontier practically all of her life. On Nov. 24, 1913, she married Homer SARGENT who died in 1928. She leaves a stepdaughter, Mrs. Herman FELTS of Lansing, two stepsons, Roscoe SARGENT, and Otto SARGENT, residing in California, a sister, Mrs. Maude BONDSTEEL of Hillsdale, and three stepgrandchildren. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 at the Dutcher Chapel. Rev. A. E. MOORE will officiate and burial will be in the Frontier

Pearl Belle HATCH (Prayer cards) In memory of Pearl Belle Hatch, born February 4, 1892, Woodbridge Twp. Passed away January 2, 1957 Hillsdale, Michigan. Services at Metler-Van Horn Funeral Home Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Officiating Rev. William M. Wood, Interment at Frontier Cemetery, Frontier, Michigan. Pallbearers: Arthur Ansley, William Hutchins, Fred Cartwright, Linn Green, Garold Agnew, James Murray. (Found in the Hillsdale Death List Book, Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale, Michigan)

CAMBRIA - MRS. ORSON HOPKINS - January 12, 1937 [Martha L.]
Mrs. Orson HOPKINS well known in Cambria died at her home in Argusville, New York, Sunday afternoon January 8th at 3:30. She leaves her husband Orsonot HOPKINS and their son Ross HOPKINS and family all of New York, a sister Mrs A.D. Savage of St. Petersburg, Florida, 2 nieces Mrs. Lelah COON of Florida and Mrs. Ruth DOHM of near Cambria.(Mitchell Public Library)

BRODY BRODDOCK, 82 died Sunday morning at 8:20 a.m. at the home of her son Merle E Brodock at 210 West Carlton Rd. where she had lived for 3 months. She had been ill with arterial-sclerosis and apoplexy for three mos. She was born in Woodbridge township 9-20-1872, a daughter of William and Alice Fitzgerald HATCH. Before going to live with her son, she lived for 6 years at 52 Union Street coming here from Woodbridge twp. She joined the United Brethern Church at Frontier in 1895 under the Rev. Foote and later transferred her membership to the Hillsdale U. B Church. She was also a member of the Women's Missionarly association. On May 9, 1890, she married Milton BRODOCK, who died March 14, 1953 a daughter Floy and a son died in infancy, and a daughter Mrs. Clea BONNET died January 30, 1947. Surviving are her son Merl, 2 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m at the United Brethern Church. The Rev. A.E. Moor will officiate and burial will be in the Frontier Cemetery. The body of Mrs. BRODOCK will remain at the Dutcher Chapel until Tuesday noon. (Found in the Hillsdale Deaths Book, Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale, Michigan)

Mrs. C.W. HUTCHINGS was born in Woodbridge, Hillsdale Co. May 13, 1862 died at her home in Holly, Michigan February 20, 1915. She was united in marriage to Chester W. HUTCHINS December 6, 1883. Her girlhood days were spent with her parents on the farm. Later she came with her husband to Hillsdale which was their home until they moved to Detroit in 1907 and from there to Holly in June 1913 which has since been their home. Those left to mourn her loss are the companion, 1 daughter and husband Mr. & Mrs. Harry Jacobs and a little granddaughter Ruth Jacobs, all of Holly beside a Host of relatives and friends. The funeral services were conducted in the home February 22 by the Methodist Pastor Rev. C. E. League and Interment was in the Holly Cemetery. Those who attended from away were Mrs. Ora SHAULL of Angola, Mr. & Mrs. D. HATCH of Cambria, Mrs. A. FULLER & Mrs. E.L. HINKLE of Hillsdale. (Found in the Hillsdale Death List Book, Mitchell Public Library, Hillsdale, Michigan)



Hazel STALEY, the daughter of Isaac & Nettie (Staley) HOPLINS, was born in Ohio, Oct. 27, 1886 and died in Jefferson township, Hillsdale Co, Michigan on Feb. 24, 1920 at age 33.3.28. She married William HOPKINS on March 9, 1907 and leaves 2 children, Ollis & Earl.

HOPKINS, Alice M., daughter of Elfred and Melissa (Culbertson) HOPKINS, b. Dec. 29, 1887

HOPKINS, Amelia M. Stafford ( notation to see vertical file at the Mitchell Library, Hillsdale Co., MI)

FRONTIER - HOPKINS, Blake R., 83, of 1006 Frontier Road, Frontier, Michigan, died Wednesday morning in the Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility. He was born in Frontier on March 14, 1897, the son of Elfred and Melissa HOPKINS. He spent his entire life in Hillsdale County [Michigan]. He died on April 6, 1927. He was married to the former Alice (German) ESTERDAY. She died in 1972. Surviving are his 4 daughters, Mrs. Joseph (Iola) MITCHELL, Hillsdale, Mrs. Paul (Barbara) MORRISON, Frontier, Mrs. Lowell (Beverly) SPIETH, Frontier, and Mrs. Frederick (Phillis) WAGNER, Hillsdale, and one son, Robert W., of Camden. He has 18 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. He was proceeded in death by 1 son and 1 daughter. Burial will be in the Frontier Cemetery.

HOPKINS, Charles N. married Maggie E. BURNS on Nov. 7, 1877

HOPKINS, Earl W., 64, died Feb. 13, 1978 in Tennessee. He was born Oct. 7, 1913 in Osseo and is survived by his widow, Loretta and two daughters, Donnala READ and Willdean GRIFFITH

HOPKINS, Iva Ione (notation to see Mrs. Iva Ione KEEFER in vertical file at Mitchell Library)

VINNY MURRAY HOPKINS 1875 - 1952 married Winfred Obell WELLS 1876 - 1954 they were married Sept 21, 1893, He was a farmer near North Adams and later a carpenter at Midland, Michigan. They have five children.

Ann Elizabeth SARGENT died in 1837. Had 4 children; 1 died in NY, 1 died and was buried in Kirby Cemetary, Lyman died in Mason, Georgia in the War, and John lives in Red Bluff, California



FULLER, Mary Cressy, dau. of Jessie B. (RR Messenger, Mi) and (Mary H., Michigan) b. Hillsdale Aug. 28, 1869
FULLER, Rhoda A., dau. of Edwin R. and Sally, both born in NY. Babe (baby) born at Reading Aug. 11, 1869


Cemetery Name Unknown

Taken from board in the possession of Clyde Barr, Cemetary Sexton. Only record available. 1 nail hole for each buriel on lot.


found by E. McCreight (Professional Genealogist - Jonesville, MI)

HOMER SARGENT died in Lansing, December 5, 1928



Estate of Mary E FULLER minor, daughter over 14 of Earl B FULLER late of Somerset. October 24, 1849 she shows her brother Earl F FULLER as guardian. He was appointed the same day. Earl W FULLER discarged in 1850. Being 18 she shows Robert WATSON as guardian Dec. 18, 1850 he was appointed on that date.

Estate of Earl B FULLER of Somerset deceased
Date of deceased August 15, 1849, date of application June 19, 1851. Administrator Earl W FULLER of Somerset, Heirs widow, Dorothy FULLER of Delaware Co. Iowa now 1851 name Colesburgh, daughter Lydia WATSON, who resides in Iowa, son E.W. FULLER of Somerset, Mary E TAYLOR wife of Charles S TAYLOR of Lenawee Co Michigan.



Date of death: 20-Nov-1872 Ledger Page: 239 Record Number: 473 Place of death: Ransom County of Death: Hillsdale Sex: Female Race: White Marital Status: Married Age: 37 years 1 month 18 days Cause of Death: Thrush Birthplace: New York Occupation: Not Recorded Father's Name: FULLER, First name not recorded Father's Residence: Ransom Mother's Name: Last name not recorded, First name not recorded Mother's Residence: Not Recorded Date of record: 31-May-1873

Date of death: 8-Oct-1869 Ledger Page: 199 Record Number: 417 Place of death: Town Of Adams County of Death: Hillsdale Sex: Male Race: White Marital Status: Not Recorded Age: 6 months 8 days Cause of Death: Dropsy On Brain Birthplace: Michigan Occupation: Not Recorded Father's Name: FULLER, William Father's Residence: Michigan Mother's Name: FULLER, Rachele Mother's Residence: Ohio Date of record: 31-May-1870

Date of death: 15-Aug-1875 Ledger Page: 199 Record Number: 53 Place of death: Fayette County of Death: Hillsdale Sex: Male Race: White Marital Status: Single Age: 1 year 8 months 17 days Cause of Death: Consumption Of Lungs Birthplace: Fayette Occupation: Not Recorded Father's Name: FULLER, Wm B Father's Residence: Fayette Mother's Name: FULLER, Adaline Mother's Residence: Not Recorded Date of record: 1-Jun-1876

Date of death: 19-Sep-1872 Ledger Page: 239 Record Number: 474 Place of death: Not Recorded County of Death: Hillsdale Sex: Male Race: Unknown Marital Status: Not Recorded Age: Not Recorded Cause of Death: Thrush Birthplace: Ransom Occupation: Not Recorded Father's Name: Blunt, Ezra Father's Residence: Ransom Mother's Name: Blunt, Jane Mother's Residence: Not Recorded Date of record: 31-May-1873



There is a record of Amanda M. Fitzgerald, age 21, Ransom, and Edward Kelly, 20, of Wright twp., married on July 4, 1867, at Wright, by David F. Newton, J.P.. The witnesses were William Fitzgerald and Idel Hatch, Woodbridge. (Idell Hatch must be Alice Ardell, who married William Fitzgerald, and Amanda must be William's sister.)


in Hillsdale Co., Michigan:

FITZGERALD, Amanda M., age 21, Ransom, and Edward KELLY, 20, Wright, July 4, 1867
FULLER, Alfred, age 32, Woodbridge, and Laura HUTCHINS, 19, Cambria, Nov. 1, 1868
FULLER, Andrew Freas, age 26, Adams, and Charlotte KEMPTON, 22, Oct. 8, 1868
FULLER, Augusta, age 17, and Benjamin CONDER, age 18, Dec. 24, 1865
FULLER, Catherine M., and Henry W. LOOMIS, age 24, Aug. 1, 1856
FULLER, Chamberlin D., age 34, and Martha O. COLWELL, age 31, Jan 9?, 1843
FULLER, Charles F., age 23, and Eliza J. BARKER, age 22, Oct. 15, 1865
FULLER, Cornelius, age 65, and Rachel Burzell, age 50, June 15, 1851
FULLER, Cornelius K., age 26, Reading, and Ellen J. BRIGGS, 18, Jefferson, Dec. 15, 1867
FULLER, Daniel C., age 25, and Abigail T. JACKSON, age 20, Aug. 22, 1843
FULLER, David C., age 22, and Olive BOARDMAN, age 25, Dec. 1, 1850
FULLER, Delos, age 22, and Hannah LANE, age 21, Dec. 18, 1860
FULLER, Elizabeth, age --, , and Harmon HART, Reading, Aug. 1, 1855
FULLER, Eunice, age 61, and Elisha PLUMB, age 75, July 29, 1850
FULLER, Franklin, age 21, and Lovina CUYKENDALL, age 20, March 9, 1956
FULLER Isaac H., age 26, and Deborah J. BEMIS, age 20, Sept. 18, 1856
FULLER, Jane, age 18, and Ezra BLUNT, age 23, Nov. 27, 1853
FULLER, Jane E., age 19, and Charles W. HUTCHINS, age 22, Feb. 5, 1866
FULLER, Jesse B., age 21, and Mary J. CRESSY, age 19, Nov. 20, 1862
FULLER, John, age 45, and Mary J. PHILIPS, 52, both of Wright, May 7, 1867
FULLER, John D., age 21, and Jane GRANGER, age 19, Nov. 17, 1859
FULLER, Joseph, age --, and Lois FAIRCHILD, Adams, Jan. 10, 1838
FULLER, Lewis, age 26, and Eliza DAVIS, age 21, Jan. 1, 1865
FULLER, Lois L., age 17, and Joseph H. GRAY, age 21, Dec. 3, 1860
FULLER, Mrs. Louisa, age 35, and John F. WOLF, 50, both of Pittsford, Jan. 12, 1868
FULLER, Mary Lothar (Snow), age 45, and Reuben HUMISTON, 43, both of Battle Creek, July 12, 1868
FULLER, Miss M.M., age 18, and P.P. SHARP, age 19, Jan. 12, 1864
FULLER, Margaret, age 17, and Harmon HART, age 24, Oct. 21, 1856
FULLER, Melissa A., age 20, and William H. FOOTE, age 22, Jan. 6, 1863
FULLER, Morris R., age 24, and Henrietta HOWE, 19, both of Ransom, May 31, 1868
FULLER, Nancy, age --, and Edmond BOOTH, Feb. 22, 1836
FULLER, Nancy J., age 18, and Enos P. SMITH, age 25, North Adams, Nov. 6, 1855
FULLER, Nancy Jane, age 21, and Richard VANDEWATER, age 26, Jan. 30, 1847
FULLER, Orrin D., age 31, and Alzina LAFFERTY, age 18, July 27, 1850
FULLER, Rachel, age 67, and Shedrich BUTTS, 67, both of Woodbridge, Feb. 19, 1867
FULLER, Sarah, age 18, daughter of Reuben & Sarah (Allen) FULLER and Foster WILCOX, age 20, son of Henry & Orsa (Foster) WILCOX, Hillsdale, July 4, 1860
FULLER, Sariah E., age 20, and William STAFORD, 23, both of Hudson, Dec. 22, 1867
FULLER, Stephen G., age 19, and Margaret JACKSON, age --, Sept. 4, 1866
FULLER, Susan, age 20, Wright, and Asa B. HAIGHT, 20, Somerset, Feb. 15, 1868
FULLER, Thomas, age 52, and Prudence PECK, age 46, April 5, 1849
FULLER, William B., age 24, and Adaline SPROWLS, age 19, Jan. 1, 1863
FULLER, Willmoth, age --, and Sophronia STRONG, Moscow, Nov. 19, 1855
FULLER, Wills, age 30, and Hellen M. Wales, age 18, Sept. 5, 1849
HATCH, D.M., age 43, and Mrs. M.A. ANDRIDGE, age 24, Aug. 3, 1862 (should be D. N. Hatch)
HATCH, Henry, age 37, and Martha Jane COLNEY, age 22, July 3, 1857


DEATHS in Hillsdale Co. Michigan

FULLER, Caroline, daughter of David & Olive Fuller, d. Oct. 10, 1858, age 1.10.18
FULLER, Charles, D. Aug. 10 (or Oct. 14), 1858
FULLER, Charles, d. Feb. 16, 1865, age 16.8.5
FULLER, Clarie, daughter of William & S.M. Fuller, d. April 11, 1864, age 1.7.15
FULLER, Cornelius, d. 1865 Woodbridge twp., age about 70 [83] Soldier of War of 1812
FULLER, Earl B., d. Aug. 15, 1849 Somerset
FULLER, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas J. Fuller, d. June 22, 1849 age 42
FULLER, Freemont, D. Sept. 1859, age 2 years
FULLER, Hannah, wife of Reuben Fuller, d. Sept. 16, 1862, age 84.11.0
FULLER, Isaiah, d. Jan 25, 1864 age 56 years
FULLER, Laverna A., daughter of Franklin & Louvina Fuller, d. Sept. 29, 1859, age 2.8.0
FULLER, Lois, wife of J.G. Fuller, d. Nov. 1838, age 25.7.0
FULLER, Lucy, daughter of L.C. & P. Fuller, d. April 2, 1852, age 4.7.13
FULLER, Lydia (FRENCH), wife of Cornelius Fuller, daughter of John French, a Rev. Soldier, d. 1853 Woodbridge Twp.
FULLER, Prudence, wife of Thomas J. Fuller, d. Nov. 6, 1865, age 62.10.0
FULLER, Reuben, d. Nov. 23, 1855, age 77.6.0
FULLER, Sally Ann, daughter of Reuben & Hannah Fuller, d. July 22, 1837, age 21.2.12
FULLER, Samuel, d. May 3, 1861, age 75.4.22
FULLER, Thomas J., d. Nov. 12, 1865, age 68
FULLER, Willie, son of C. & P. FULLER, d. Sept 5, 1864, age 1 year
HOPKINS, Adolphus, son of Perry & Betsey A. Hopkins, d. Dec. 14, 1875, age 20.3.4
HOPKINS, Luke Prince, (b. VT. 1789) d. Oct. 5, 1877 in Hudson, MI, Soldier of War 1812
HOPKINS, Sanford D., son of Joseph & Cloenda (BLAIR) Hopkins, (Born in Genessee Co., NY, Jan. 9, 1817) d. Aug. 7, 1897 age 80 yrs.

David HATCH was born in Picton, Nova Scotia, February 21, 1806. His father William Hatch, was born in Massachusetts, in 1759, of Scotch-Irish parents. His mother was Elizabeth Keeler, and was born in Nova Scotia, of German parents. His father's mother was born in the Highlands of Scotland. When a young man, he followed the sea, and finally settled in Nova Scotia and run a blacksmith's shop for many years. He also owned a farm, and died there in 1859. He was twice married, and raised thirteen children by his second wife, and none by the first. David Hatch lived with his parents until he was about twenty-four, when he went into the lumber woods of New Brunswick, near the nouth of the St. Lawrence river. He remained there six years, and in 1836, went to Cumberland Island, on the Georgian coast, and came to Michigan in 1837. He arrived in Detroit on the 2d day of July, and remained there until after the 4th where he witnessed a grand celebration. On the 5th he commenced work on the Michigan Central railrad and assisted in the construction of that great thoroughfare, and saw the first train pass over the road to Ann Arbor, with Governor and Mrs. Mason aboard. In the fall of 1839 he came to Macon, this county, and purchased the north-east one-half of the north-east one-quarter of section eight, where he resided ever since. This was new land, but mr. hatch has lived to clear it up, and make a fine, productive farm of it, and has erected good buildings. Since that time he has added to his farm, until now he owns two hundred acres. April 6th, 1838, he married Miss Esther Bell, daughter of William and Jeanette Bell, of Nankin, Wayne county, Michigan, by whom he had four children, as follows: William B., born in Nankin, Wayne county, Michigan, January 16th, 1839. He was a doldier in Company D, 3d Michigan cavalry, in the war of the Rebellion, and died October 8th, 1862. James D., born in Macon, in December, 1840, a farmer of Macon; Jeanette, born in Macon, August 29th, 1842, now the wife of William Hastings, of Denver, Colorado; Samuel, born in Macon, in September, 1844, now of Detroit. Mrs. Esther Hatch was born in Scotland, April 19th, 1819, and came to this country with her parents in 1834, and settled in Wayne county, Michigan. She died in Macon, December 20th, 1846. In September, 1856, he married Mrs. Caroline Ferguson, daughter of George and Eunice Shufflebotham, of Manchester, England. She was married to John Ferguson in 1839, by whom she had three children, as follows: Emma, wife of the late James M. Hoag, of Adrian. Maria, now the wife of Granville Mills, of Macon; Frederick A., of Adrian, Michigan. John Ferguson died in Manchester, England, in April, 1844. (Source: Portrait and Biographical Album - Lenawee Co., Michigan pg. 104)

Included as part of Bio of Granville MILLS:
MILLS of Macon Twp., and born February 27, 1835, Mr. Mills m. Maria FERGUSON - Clinton Twp., a very intelligent lady, she was born in Manchester, England on April 6, 1842. Mr. Mills was son of Gabriel MILLS born in Ocean Co., New Jersey and married Hannah COLLINS of New Jersey, both Quakers, Society of Friends. Three children, brought to Michigan. The brother of Mr. MILLS is James MILLS. G. Mills - 160 A. Homestead in Sec. 9. He was a staunch Wig.

His wife, Miss Maria FERGUSON, dau of John and Caroline (Shufflebotham) FERGUSON, of Aberdeen, Scotland, and later of Manchester, England, where her parents married. Her father was a clothier, died April 31, 1848 and had 3 children; Emma, Maria and Frederick (A?). The mother, brother, 2 daughters + came to America and located in Tecumseh, Michigan, and Mrs. Ferguson married David HATCH of Macon twp., where both lived until their death some years later. Mrs. Hatch and her first husband were members of the Church of England.
Mr. and Mrs. MILLS had no children of their own, but adopted a little boy 1881 the son of parents bearing their own name…named him Gabriel.

John and Caroline FERGUSON were parents of Miss Maria Ferguson, came to America in 1850. David first married Esther BELL, daughter of Wm. and Janette BELL of Wayne Co., Michigan. He second married Caroline FERGUSON. (Source: Portrait and Biographical Album - Lenawee Co., Michigan pg. 474)



RANSOM SCOVILL, born 22 Arp. 1837 Loraine Co. Ohio, came to Hillsdale Co. in 1850, son of Milo SCOVILL and Cynthia CRAWFORD, he married in Hillsdale Co. on 20 Nov. 1859 to Adalide FULLER, she born 28 Apr 1840 at Rensselaer Co., N.Y., daughter of Isaiah FULLER and Electa BOARDMAN, had 8 children; Alfred W, born 1861; Dora E, born 1866; Mary E., born 1867, died 1928, Danvers B, born 1 July 1869; Sarah B., born 18 Jan 1872; Herbert C., born 16 Oct 1873 died 1936; Viola A., born 1877, and Electa J. born 25 Jan 1883, Adalaide died 189?[5], lived in Frontier, Mich.

FRANKLIN FULLER, Woodbridge enlisted in Co. F 18th Infantry August 15, 1862 at Hillsdale for 3 years age 27. Mustered August 26, 1862. Corporal November 16, 1863 Mustered out at Nashville, Tennessee June 26, 1865. Present residence, Frontier, Michigan. (From Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Individual Record, Alphabetical General Index - Mitchell Public Library)

Having come to the county in his infancy with his parents, thereafter passing the whole of his subsequent life within its limits, a period of more than three-score years, Charles E FULLER, of North Adams township, one of the most highly respected pioneer farmers of this portion of the state, has seen the whole of the transformation which has taken place in this region as it came forth at the command of man's sovereign will from a condition of wilderness and barbarism to one of com??ness and systematic productiveness, and he has aided materially in bringing about the change. He saw almost the beginning of its civilization and he has lived in vigor and cheerfulness to see its large and bountiful fruition. He is a native of Onondaga county, New York, born on August 8, 1834, the son of Reuben J. and Sarah A. (Allen) FULLER, the former a native of New York and the latter of Massachusetts.

Reuben J. FULLER was engaged in agricultural pursuits in New York until 1836, when he came by team to this state through Canada to Detroit and from there to Hillsdale county. He purchased a tract of forty acres of land southeast of North Adams from the government and, although it was the dead of winter, he began at once to build a log house for his family and made preparations to clear up the land for cultivation. He afterward purchased forty acres additional and on this farm he passed the rest of his days, excepting seven years which he spent in Kalamazoo county, dying here in 1894. His wife preceded him to the grave by nearly twenty-five years, passing away in 1871. Their family consisted of four sons and one daughter, all now living and residents of Michigan. The father contracted a second marriage, his choice on this occasion being Mrs. Axie Locklin, who died in 1896. He was an Abolitionist in politics and assisted in the operation of the underground railway before the Civil War, in wich two of his sons gave gallant service as soldiers. After the formation of the Republican party, he became an enthusiastic member of that organization, remaining in it until his death. He was prominent in local politics and filled many township positions with credit. He and his family were members of the Methodist Episcopal church. His father was Reuben FULLER who came to Michigan about 1837 and also settled in Adams township where he spent the rest of his life.

Charles E. FULLER was reared and educated in this county and remained at home until he was of age. In 1861 he purchased eighty acres of land, all wild and most of it heavily wooded, and began to clear it up for a home. He has resided on this land ever since and has made ot it one of the choice homes of Adams township. In 1856 he married in this county Miss Phebe E. BURGER, a daughter of Benanciel and Almyra BURGER, early settlers in this part of the state, and they have had five children, Mary A., wife of J. T. WINCH, of New York; W. Eugene and Charles H., residents of this county; Helen G., living at the paternal home; Edwin S., a prosperous business man of Toledo, Ohio. Their mother died in 1897. Mr. FULLER has been a lifelong Republican in politics, but has never held office, except that of justice of the peace, which he filled for four years. he and his family are active members of the Baptist church and he was for one year clerk of the organization. His long life of usefulness and uprightness has won him the esteem of the whole community, giving him a position in public estimation as one of the representative men of the county. (Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale Co., Michigan pg 426-427)

Fred L. HATCH Fred LaVern Hatch, son of David and Alice Hatch, was born at Frontier, Mich., Aug 24, 1861 and departed this life at his home in Frontier, December 29, 1932, age 71 years, 4 months and 5 days.
He was united in marriage to Miss Winnie Hukill July 3, 1881. To this union were born six children, four girls and two boys, all of whom are still living. He was the last member of a family of four, two brothers and one sister, Alice Fitzgerald who preceded him in death just eight days. The greater part of his life was spent in Hillsdale county. He united with the United Brethren Church in the year 1895 and remained a loyal member until death.
Those left to morn his loss are his wife and six children, Mrs. Zora Armstrong, Detroit, Earl Hatch, Hillsdale, Dean Hatch, Burr Oak, Mrs. Olea Stewart, Burr Oak, Mrs. Leah Wilson, Detroit, Mrs. Violet Howard, Detroit, eight grandchildren and one great grand child, besides many friends.
Funeral services were held at the Frontier U.B. Church, conducted by his pastor Ray G. A. Ward. Burial was at Frontier.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thank our dear neighbors and friends who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of our dear mother and grandmother, for the beautiful floral offerings, the singers and Rev. Moor for his words of comfort and Rev. Ward who so kindly assisted him. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Brodock and family, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Fitzgerald and family. Source: Hillsdale newspaper 1861

Hillsdale Standard - Year 1882
March 14…..Died February 9, Mrs. Lois WILLETT of Medina Twp. age 87yrs 10mo 7da was born in Berlin, Connecticut, married John ASHLEY of New Jersey on June 23, 1813 he died in 1850 and they had 5 sons and 5 daughters. Mrs. Lois G NORRIS, Mrs. Saloma CLARK of Woodbridge, N. ASHLEY of Cambria and C.S. ASHLEY of Medina, 2 sons died in the Union Army. She moved from Canandaigua, NY to Woodbridge in 1841 and married Cornelius WILLET on 25 Oct 1857.











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