Pension Deposition

     DECLARATION was made in Columbia County Pennsylvania 1832 August 7th, Valentine Christian No S 2212, a resident of MADISON TOWNSHIP/ COUNTY OF COLUMBIA age 77 who applied under the Act of June 7, 1832.

     States he enlisted at New Germantown(now Oldwick) in New Jersey in company of Lieut. Edward McMichael for one year in November 1775 and served under Col. Elias Drayton and Capt. Ross until April 1777 in New Jersey line and was discharged at Morristown New Jersey by Edward Cox, First Lieutenant, that he again entered the army under Capt. John Bell at Elizabethtown New Jersey in September 1777 and served one month and was discharged by said Capt. John Bell, and in October 1777 he entered the militia under Capt. Benjamin Cooper at Elizabethtown, that in the Fall of 1778, he was drafted in Capt. Gearhart company at Ackwackary New Jersey and served one month and was then dischd - that in the fall of 1777 he was drafted at Elizabethtown NJ and served one month in Capt. James Cliffords Company and was discharged at the end of the time; that in the winter of 1778 and 1779 he was engaged to cart provision under Arthur Henry, Wagonmaster in the service at Valley Forge and served 3 months.

     Deponent was born in Hunterdon County New Jersey 1756 and that he has a record of his age at his home in Madison township, Columbia Co. in the family bible. States he lived in Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon Co. New Jersey when called into service and since has lived near Jerseytown in Columbia Co. Pennsylvania, a county formed out of Northumberland County.

     Deponent enlisted in the service under Captain Rolf?/Ross? ? the first term to serve one year and the other terms of service (illegible). Deponent has already stated the names of his officers and the Circumstances of his Services. Deponant received a discharge from Lieutenant Edward Cox which he has mislaid or lost. Deponant has no documentary evidence and knows of no testimony that he can ? to testify to his Services. Deponant hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or anniuty except the presant? And declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any states.
? in open court                            his
     Jacob Eyerly?       Valentine     X     Christian

We Rufus? Park and Caleb Thomas residing in Madison Township Columbia County hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Valentine Christian who has sworn subscribes to the above declaration that we believe him to be Seventy Seven years of age that he is respected and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and we concur in that opinion and we further certify that there is no clergyman residing in the vicinity of the said applicant.

Sworn & Subscribed
this day of ? aforsaid     Rupel Rarhn?      J. Eyisly? Peck?     Caleb Thomas

And the said Court do hereby declare that their opinion after the investigation of the matter and putting the Interrogatories promise? and by the War department that the above applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and Served as he states. (illegible) further testify that ? Rufes? Park and (the next two lines are illegible)
are credible persons and that there statements are entitled to credit.
I would refer to Jacob Swisher Esquire, John Furston, James Lavina Esquire of Madison township, Uzal? Hopkins of Bloom township to testify as to character for accuracy?
Seth Chapman
Lionas M ?iupert?

Columbia County Set
     I Jacob Eyerley? Prothonotory? Of the Court of Common pleas of Columbia County do hereby certify that the forgoing contains the original proceedings of the said Courts in the matter of the application of Valentine Christian for a pension - In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of the said court at Danville the seventh day of August S.D. Eighteen hundred thirty two - Jacob Eyirly? Roth?/Park?

Listed in the Pennsylvania Pensioners of 1835

County: Columbia Co.
Name: Valentine Christian
Rank: Private
Annual Allowance: 50 00
Sums Received: 150 00
Description of service: Pennsylvania continental troops
When placed on the pension roll: October 29, 1832
Commencement of pension: March 4, 1831
Age: 77
Laws under which inscribed, increased or reduced OR Remarks.: -









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