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ANNA BARBARA HIRSCH, the grandmother of Johann Ludwig WINSTEL, has lead us 6 generations further into the HIRSCH, WINGERTER, GUTTENBACHER, KREBS and BEAURLOIN families, of, Pfalz, Bayern/Bavaria ( now Germany).

Our connection begins with Anna Barbara HIRSCH, who married Matthaeus WINSTEL in 1806. Anna Barbara HIRSCH and Matthaeus WINSTEL are the great-grandparents of my own great-grandmother, Catharina (WINSTEL) HOENER, of Buffalo, New York.



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Generation No. 1

1. Philips1 Hirsch. He married Anna Unknown Abt. 1681.
Children of Philips Hirsch and Anna Unknown are:

    i. Anna Eva2 Hirsch, b. Mar 1682, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    2. ii. Philip Adam Hirsch, b. Abt. Dec 15, 1683, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iii. Hanss Jacob Hirsch, b. Abt. Mar 21, 1686, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iv. Anna Maria Hirsch, b. Abt. Apr 16, 1688, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    v. Anna Margretha Hirsch, b. Abt. Oct 17, 1689, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.

Generation No. 2

2. Philip Adam2 Hirsch (Philips1) was born Abt. Dec 15, 1683 in Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern. He married (1) Anna Maria Knoll May 20, 1715 in Katholisch, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern. She was born Abt. 1697, and died 1731. He married (2) Rosina Kuntz Nov 26, 1731 in Katholisch, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern, daughter of Jerg Kuntz and Anna Wingerter. She was born Abt. Nov 21, 1704 in Katholisch, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
Children of Philip Hirsch and Anna Knoll are:

    i. Philippus Adamus3 Hirsch, b. Abt. Feb 22, 1716, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    ii. Anna Maria Hirsch, b. Abt. Oct 14, 1718, Herxheim Landau, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iii. Maria Margaretha Hirsch, b. Abt. Dec 14, 1720, Katholisch, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iv. Philippus Jacobus Hirsch, b. Abt. Mar 26, 1723, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern.
    v. Philippus Jacobus Hirsch, b. Abt. Apr 05, 1724, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern.
    vi. Maria Eva Hirsch, b. Abt. Jan 28, 1731, Katholisch, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern.

Children of Philip Hirsch and Rosina Kuntz are:

    vii. Maria Anna3 Hirsch, b. Abt. Sep 13, 1732, Katholisch, Hatzenbuehl, Pfalz, Bayern.
    3. viii. Joannes Petrus Hirsch, b. Abt. Aug 08, 1734, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    ix. Joannes Hirsch, b. Abt. Mar 26, 1736, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    x. Maria Rosina Hirsch, b. Abt. Jul 01, 1737, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern (Bavaria, now Germany).
    xi. Joes Jacobus Hirsch, b. Abt. Aug 30, 1739, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    xii. Catherina Barbara Hirsch, b. Abt. Aug 26, 1744.

Generation No. 3

3. Joannes Petrus3 Hirsch (Philip Adam2, Philips1) was born Abt. Aug 08, 1734 in Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern. He married Anna Maria Pico(t) Jan 24, 1757 in Katholisch, Kandel, Pfalz, Bayern, daughter of Johannes Pico and Anna Guttenbacher. She was born Abt. Feb 12, 1738 in Kandel, Pfalz, Bayern, and died Bef. May 11, 1789 in Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.
Children of Joannes Hirsch and Anna Pico are:

    i. Maria Elisabeth4 Hirsch, b. Abt. Jan 04, 1758, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    4. ii. Joannes Martinus Hirsch, b. Abt. Jun 20, 1760, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern; d. Bef. Dec 11, 1794.
    iii. Johannes Petrus Hirsch, b. Abt. Mar 03, 1762, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iv. Georgius Petrus Hirsch, b. Abt. May 20, 1764, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    v. Catharina Hirsch, b. Abt. Oct 15, 1767, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    vi. Georgius Petrus Hirsch, b. Abt. Sep 01, 1769, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    vii. Georgius Petrus Hirsch, b. Abt. Nov 21, 1770, Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.
    viii. Johannes Jacobus Hirsch, b. Abt. Sep 04, 1773.
    ix. Eva Elisabeth Hirsch, b. Abt. Jul 22, 1775.
    x. Maria Eva Hirsch, b. Abt. Sep 08, 1778, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern.

Generation No. 4

4. Joannes Martinus4 Hirsch (Joannes Petrus3, Philip Adam2, Philips1) was born Abt. Jun 20, 1760 in Katholisch, Hayna, Pfalz, Bayern, and died Bef. Dec 11, 1794. He married Maria Theresia Langenfeld May 11, 1789 in St. Michael the Archangel parish, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern, daughter of Joseph Langenfeld and Theresia Metzler. She was born Abt. 1761 in Grossimnern, Pfalz, Bayern.
Children of Joannes Hirsch and Maria Langenfeld are:

    5. i. Anna Barbara5 Hirsch, b. Abt. Feb 15, 1790, Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.
    ii. Maria Josepha Hirsch, b. Abt. May 06, 1791, Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iii. Theresia Hirsch, b. Abt. Jun 01, 1792, Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.
    iv. Josephus Casparus Hirsch, b. Abt. Aug 10, 1793, Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.
    v. Georgius Petrus Hirsch, b. Dec 11, 1794, Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern.

Generation No. 5

5. Anna Barbara5 Hirsch (Joannes Martinus4, Joannes Petrus3, Philip Adam2, Philips1) was born Abt. Feb 15, 1790 in Katholisch, Insheim, Pfalz, Bayern. She married Matthaeus Winstel Nov 17, 1806 in Hayna, Bayern (Bavaria, now Germany), son of Johann Winstel and Anna Forster. He was born 1784 in Hayna, Bayern (Bavaria, now Germany).
Children of Anna Hirsch and Matthaeus Winstel are:

    i. Anna Maria6 Winstel, b. Abt. Apr 11, 1807, Hayna, Bayern, Germany; m. Valentin Seither, Jul 28, 1828, Hayna, Bayern (Bavaria, now Germany).
    ii. George Petrus Winstel, b. Abt. Oct 11, 1808, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    iii. Maria Josepha Winstel, b. Abt. Feb 15, 1811, Hayna, Bayern, Germany; d. 1873; m. Johann Phillip Winstel, Apr 07, 1830, Hayna, Bayern, Germany; b. Dec 26, 1805, Hayna, Bayern, Germany; d. 1875.
    iv. Maria Theresia Winstel, b. Abt. Feb 17, 1813, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    v. Georgius Jacobus Winstel, b. Abt. Feb 24, 1815, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    vi. Apollonia Winstel, b. Nov 26, 1816, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    vii. Caspar Joseph Winstel, b. Abt. Oct 01, 1818, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    viii. Johann Ludwig Winstel, b. Abt. Feb 28, 1820, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    ix. Joannes Valentinus Winstel, b. Abt. May 09, 1822, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    x. Theresia Winstel, b. Abt. Apr 02, 1824, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    xi. Theresia Winstel, b. Abt. Oct 19, 1825, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    xii. Helena Winstel, b. Abt. Jul 14, 1827, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.
    xiii. Augustinus Winstel, b. Abt. Aug 16, 1830, Hayna, Bayern, Germany.


The line of Maria Josepha Winstel
and Johann Philip Winstel continues in










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