Personal Memories and Family Stories...


          "Eugene Jacob (E. J.) Wolff and his brother, Llewwllyn Gilmer (L. G.) Wolff, were both doctors. They lived near Clinton, Henry County, Missoure. L. G. was one year older. He went to medical school for a year. E. J. would stay at home and far. The following year, roles were reversed, and L. G. would farm, while E. J. attended medical school."

Family History.....
from John Powers Wolff, Jr., Texas (grandson of Eugene & Etta (Powers) Wolff)


          "The family story was that Etta Powers' father was enraged, furious that his son-in-law had dragged his daughter to the harsh wilderness of the uninhabited Oklahoma Territory. Their house was quite nice, but the street does give the appearance of desolation."

NOTE: The house was on Second Steet, Waukomis, Garfield Co, Oklahoma.

Another Story.....from John Powers Wolff, Jr.


          "When I was quite small, I stayed with my grandparents, and got into trouble with Etta. I took refuge under the bed, but it did no good, as she used a broom to get me out. I had played outside most of the day, and was covered from the waist down with hundreds of chigger bites. When my father, also a doctor, came to pick me up, he and my grandfather tended to the chigger problem by applying chloroform. It took care of the chiggers, but the cure was worse than the problem, as it caused unmerciful burning sensations in some sensitive areas.

Another Memory.....from John Powers Wolff, Jr.


          "When automobiles became available, E. J. Wolff was skeptical about their usefulness. He was afraid of a break down leaving him stuck out in the country, unable to get to his patient, or to get back home. Eventually, he gave in and purchased a car. On his first trip out of town to see a patient, the vehicle broke down. After that, when he made a call, he hired a mechanic to ride with him.

Another Memory.....from John Powers Wolff, Jr.


          "Etta had a cat she loved dearly. When her mother-in-law, Emma (Johnston) Wolff, came from Missouri to visit, she was aghast at the sight of a filthy cat in the house. Emma would chase the cat out one door and Etta would let the poor creature in through another door.

A Memory.....from Annette Howell (granddaughter of Eugene & Etta Wolff)








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