Original Letter Identifying Guests

Benson Family Reunion 1937

This incredible photo and the accompanying letter, written by Gladys (Butts) Goodacre, are courtesy of Nancy Knoll.
Original Letter Identifying Guests
Unnumbered Clean Photo.

BACK ROW Left to Right: 1) Helen (Campbell) Carlson; 2) Ruth (Campbell) Mast, her sister; 3) Alma (Double) Gaynor's grandson, Lynn. He's married. 4) Tommie Campbell stands back of grandson. 5) Frank and 6) Sadie Williams, of Ypsilanti, Ruil's son. 7) Willie Benson and 8) son, Wayne, of Rives Junction, Halsey's son. 9) Earl Crego of Concord, Halsey Benson's son-in-law. 10) May and 11) Clifton Mohr, of Hillsdale, Florence's son. 12) & 13) Etta Howard's (Gladys') boy & girl, of Hillsdale. 14) Hubert Loomis, Della's son, of Hillsdale. 15) Torry Howard, Etta's youngest son, of Hillsdale.

SECOND ROW Left to Right: 16) Frank Benson and his new 17) Sweatie, of Jonesville. 18) Charlie Purchis's sister and 19) husband. I don't know names. 20) Fleshy one is Alma's son, Wayne. 21) Standing in back is a Frenchman (Spanish), Vincent Bouza, Ruth Campbell's beau. 22) On crutches is Helen Carlson's husband, Ward. 23) May Purchis and 24) daughter, Annie's daughter-in-law. 25) The boy and 26) lady with white hair, are May Purchis's brother & mother. 27) Frank Purchis, Annie's son, of Jonesville. 28) Gladys and 29) Lester Harrington, of Hillsdale, Etta's daughter. 30) Herbert Howard and 31) wife and 32) baby Sandra, of Detroit. 33) Dee[d] Mohr, Florence's husband.

THIRD ROW Left to Right: Starting with the boy in the 3rd row are 34) the boy, Willie Benson's son and 35) wife Goldie. 36) May Crego, Halsey & Min's daughter. 37) Charlie and 38) Kate Butts, of Tecumseh. 39) Next, with glasses and white hair is Florence Mohr. 40) Gladys and 41) Clark Goodacre, of Tecumseh.

FOURTH ROW Seated Left to Right: 42) Mr. Tidy and 43) Mrs. Alma Gaynor, holding 44) & 45) Helen Carlson's babies. 46) Charlie Purchis's sister, don't know her name. 47) Charlie and 48) Annie Purchis, of Jonesville. 49) Min[nie] and 50) Halsey Benson, of Concord. 51) Ruil Williams, 75 years old, of Hillsdale. 52) Etta and 53) Lin Howard, of Hillsdale. 54) The little girl standing in front of Kate is Gladys (Howard) Harrington's, Etta's granddaughter.

FIFTH ROW Front Left to Right: Now for the kiddies in the bottom row - two I don't know. 55) Seated hands on face is Dean Crego, Halsey's grandson. 56) Next boy is Gladys Harringtons'. 57) Next girl is Nancy, Helen Carlsons'. 58) Next girl is Barbara Ruth Campbell's daughter. 59) Next boy is Ward Carlson, Helen's [son]. 60) The next boy, I think it's Donald Benson. 61) The next boy is Jimmie Lewis, Halsey's grandson, Myrtle's boy. The next 4 kiddies are 62) Charles Goodacre. 63) Jeanette Goodacre. 64) Ruth May Goodacre. 65) Ronald Goodacre. 66) The girl is Alice May Mohr, Florence's granddaughter. 67) The 3 big girl on knees is Helen, 68) next Dorothy and 69) Charlie Wilson, 3 of Vena's children.









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