Did you ever wonder how you got here?



If it weren't for your parents who had you...and their parents who had them, none of us would exist. But, did you know your family doesn't stop with your grandparents? You have great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents, and even more great-great-great grandparents! Do you ever wonder who those people are?


This extra special page has a few of of Danni's very own "Ancestors"! Let's climb the branches together and see just who's hiding way up in the top of the tree. Get your climbing shoes on and let's go!


This is Danni.


And, she is SUPER SMART,
for only being 6 years old!


This is Danni's mom.

This is Danni's Dad.

They each have 2 parents

2 + 2 = 4

Danni has 4 grandparents


These are Danni's mom's parents.

Grandpa's name is
John Fairman.

Her grandma's name was
Joanne Condon,
until she got married to John.

Now her name is
Joanne (Condon) Fairman.

John, Danni, Joanne

Here are Danni's other two grandparents.
They belong to Danni's Dad.
We don't have their picture yet

Danni's grandpa's name is
Lloyd "Bruce" Service.

Her grandma's name was
Jernein Jensen,
until she got married to Bruce.

Now her name is
Jernein (Jensen) Service.

Jernein - Bruce

Guess what?

That's RIGHT!
Danni's grandparents ALL had parents. Wow!
One set for EACH!

That means there's EIGHT great-grandparents!

2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8

Danni has 8 grandparents




Grandpa John's dad was named

John Dadovich.

Grandpa John's mother is

Miriam (Farver, Dadovich, Fairman) Johnston

She is Danni's great grandmother  
Grandma Jo has parents, too....

Grandma Jo's dad was named

Robert Condon.

Grandma Jo's mother is

Joseille (Sargent, Condon) Minnis.

She is Danni's great grandmother.
(g-grandmother = gg = Gigi)

ArE yOu GeTtInG cOnFuSeD?

mAyBe ThIs WiLl MaKe It A lItTlE eAsIeR!.

Just follow the lines and climb the "TREE"

But don't get lost!


Hey....Look at this!

WOW....it took a lot of people to create Danielle!

I wish we could see them all,
but most of them never had their pictures taken.
In fact, they never even heard of a "camera".
They weren't invented yet!

Danni had some very "FAMOUS" ancestors!

Her ggggggggggggg-grandparents (that's 13) came here

They landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts 381 years ago!
Danni's 12th great grandfather, Samuel Fuller, was at the VERY FIRST THANKSGIVING. He was 7 years old.


"Old King Cole" was Danni's 53rd great grandfather.

Mark Anthony was Danni's 59th great grandfather.

Edward I, King of England, was Danni's 22nd great grandfather.

Danni doesn't know them, but she will learn all about them in school. Her ancestors were Kings and farmers, sea captains and lawyers, farmers and soldiers, hatmakers and shoemakers, shopkeepers and carpenters, mothers and dressmakers.
They were all very special,
And they were all "REAL PEOPLE"

Just Like Danni!



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