Jake and Jesse's

A r i z o n a
C h r i s t m a s


Finding reindeer was harder than Jesse thought. In the morning, before the sun came up, Jake and Jesse drove north until they came to snow. They spent hours trudging through the snow covered woods without seeing even their tracks. Then Jake had a good idea. He decided to build a snowman and use a carrot for his nose. That would surely bring the reindeer around.

It worked. Right away, the first "reindeer" showed up.


But just when Jake was ready to grab his tail and capture the reindeer, Jesse told him they were much to small to pull that big heavy wagon.

"This is a lousy time to think of THAT, Jesse!" complained Jake. "Well, I guess we should head back to the desert, right? It's too cold here, anyway."


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Created November 30, 2001
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