Jake and Jesse's

A r i z o n a
C h r i s t m a s


Jake couldn't wait to get home to tell Jesse all the details of their new "important" job. He told him that Santa needed a wagon on December 24th. Santa said that his sleigh was useless in Arizona because there was no snow. It would be up to Jake and Jesse to find transportation for Santa and have it ready when he arrived on Christmas Eve.

That night, Jake and Jesse could hardly sleep. They were both very excited to get to 'work'.....and that's exactly what they did the first thing in the morning.

Finding the right wagon, for the job, was harder than they thought. It had to be just the right size to carry Santa's big bag of toys. "Hey Jake....how about this wagon?" yelled Jesse. "Do you think it's big enough?"


"Hmmm......I don't think this is gonna work. We need something bigger."


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Created November 30, 2001
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