Jake and Jesse's

A r i z o n a
C h r i s t m a s


Jake and Santa weren't gone very long. Jesse was surprised when he saw them. Santa reminded him that he has had this job for a very long time and is good at it. He ate cookies and drank milk faster than Jake could believe and delivered the right presents to all the right houses.

"I wish we weren't done so fast" said Jake sadly when it was time to tell Santa goodbye.

"It's not over, Jake" said Santa. "You have been such a good worker that I want you to come with me to deliver the presents to all the children in the north. My reindeer can pull the extra weight, but I'm sorry there isn't room for Jesse. There's only room for two in the sleigh. I hope you won't be too dissappointed, Jesse.

"That's OK, Santa" said Jesse. "I would much prefer to take "Bubba Boy" home and give him a good brushing and a handful of treats. I'm sure he's hungry by now. Have a good trip! I'll see you tomorrow, Jake!"

"See you tomorrow, Jesse. Santa was right...this is the most important and exciting job I could ever have. And the pay is beyond my wildest imaginations. Bringing toys to all of those beautiful little children is worth more than I will ever be paid again. It's priceless!  



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