Jake and Jesse's

A r i z o n a
C h r i s t m a s


It was almost Christmas Eve and Jake and Jesse were all ready for the big night. They had the wagon and they had the horse. Now they only had to wait for Santa. But Jake began to wonder how Santa was going to get down those chimneys. He decided to take a look for himself.

"Jesse, do you think Santa will fit down this thing?"



"I don't know" said Jesse. "Can you fit your head in there?"



"Yes" said Jake. "I guess there's room for.....AAAAaaaaaaa!"



"What happened, Jake? Are you alright?" cried Jesse.

"I lost my balance, but I'm OK...but, I may as well keep going, as long as I'm here. I'll see you downstairs!"


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Created November 30, 2001
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