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      ~ T H E   P I L G R I M S ~       
       A long time ago, before there were cities and roads, shopping malls and television, this country was the home of the Native Americans. Can you imagine what it must have been like with no automobiles or grocery stores and no houses or even lights? Can you imagine living in the woods, or in the mountains, or on the prairies, with nothing but trees and rivers or wild grass and bushes as far as you can see? If you've ever gone camping, in the wilderness, you have a good idea of what this country was like before our ancestors came here from Europe, across the Atlantic Ocean.

      The first Americans followed trails to hunt for their food and used the animal hides to make their clothing and shelter. Their way of life was very different from ours, but they were able to live off the land because they knew how.

See a cross section.
Read about the voyage.

      One day, in November, a small ship, called the “Mayflower”, arrived, carrying 102 English people, called “Pilgrims”. They spent 66 days on the little ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean, even though they knew there were no houses to live in, and no town to buy food or clothes. What if you had to build a house and a town when you went camping? It was a very hard thing to do, especially in November. The Native Americans were very helpful to the Pilgrims. They taught the Pilgrims which crops to plant and other things they needed to know about their land. The Pilgrims built houses and called their settlement “Plymouth”.

Read about the village.
Read fun facts about the children.
See the Pilgrim's clothes.
Read about the girls.

Twelve year old Samuel Fuller lived in this house
with his aunt and uncle. The houses were small
and so was the settlement of Plymouth.

      That first winter, even with the help of the natives, many of the Pilgrims got sick and by springtime, only half of them were left. They spent the next summer working very hard and growing food for the following winter. Their crops did fairly well, so by Fall, they decided to have a fall harvest celebration. It was the year 1621 and the Pilgrims were thankful they had survived a whole year in their new colony. For their “first thanksgiving” the Pilgrims asked 90 of their native friends to share their feast. They served deer meat, duck and goose, clams, corn bread and wild plums.

Read more about the "First Thanksgiving".
Lots of things about The Mayflower & the Pilgrims.

      Wouldn't it be fun to see a picture of all the guests at that First Thanksgiving? It's too bad there were no cameras back in 1621. That was 380 years ago! Well, we can't see their faces, but we do know one of the guests. He was a boy about 12 years old, a Mayflower pilgrim named Samuel Fuller. He was Danielle's 11th great grandfather!


~ O U R   P I L G R I M S ~

Edward Fuller
Unknown Wife

PILGRIM and dinner guest
Samuel Fuller

Jane Lathrop

John Fuller
Mehitable Rowley

Benjamin Fuller
Content Fuller
12th Great Grandparents 11th Great Grandparents 10th Great Grandparents 9th Great Grandparents

Josiah Fuller
Irene Dickenson

Varsell Fuller
Mary Crowell

Samuel Fuller
Eunice Hopkins

Alcanzer Fuller
Amanda Hopkins
8th Great Grandparents 7th Great Grandparents 6th Great Grandparents 5th Great Grandparents

Elmer Hatch
Ellen Fuller

Homer Sargent
Maude Hatch

Lawrence Brice
Ila Sargent

Robert Condon
Joseille Sargent
4th Great Grandparents 3rd Great Grandparents 2nd Great Grandparents Great Grandparents

John Fairman
Joanne Condon

Kris Service
Jody Fairman

Danielle Service
I wonder what our Pilgrim grandparents would think about our life today?
Grandparents Parents Danielle  



28 Adults and 23 Kids

John Alden 22 hired as cooper

Isaac Allerton 35

Bartholomew Allerton 8

Remember Allerton (girl) 6

Mary Allerton 4

John Billington 41

Elinor Billington 37

John Billington 13

Francis Billington 11

William Bradford 31

William Brewster 53

Mary Brewster 52

Love Brewster (boy) 10

Wrestling Brewster (boy) 7

Peter Browne 21

Carver's maidservant 24* servant to Carver

Mary Chilton 14

Francis Cooke 38

John Cooke 14

Humility Cooper (girl) 2

John Crackstone 21 (est.)

Edward Dotey 21 servant to Hopkins

Francis Eaton 29

Samuel Eaton 1

_______ Ely 23* hired seaman

Samuel Fuller 41

Samuel Fuller, Jr. 12 or 13

Richard Gardiner 22*

Stephen Hopkins 40

Elizabeth Hopkins 27

Constance Hopkins 16

Giles Hopkins 14

Damaris Hopkins (girl) 3

Oceanus Hopkins (boy) approx. 1

John Howland 28 servant to Carver

William Latham 13 servant to Carver

Edward Lester 22* servant to Hopkins

Desire Minter (girl) 15*

Priscilla Mullins 19 (est.)

Joseph Rogers 17

Henry Sampson 17

George Soule 24 servant to Winslow

Myles Standish 37

Elizabeth Tilley 14

William Trevore 23* hired seaman

Richard Warren 41

Resolved White (boy) 6

Peregrine White (boy) approx. 11 months

Edward Winslow 26

Susanna Winslow 31

Gilbert Winslow 21  


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