Come in Danielle...don't be afraid.
It's not "too" scary in here.


But watch where you're going.....
we're not alone!


"It's dark in here!"

"EEeeeeeekk....I just bumped something? IT'S A CANDLE!

Hurry, light it so I can see!"




I think I liked it better when it was dark."


"WHAT is THAT??   Go AWAY!   SHOO!"


"Shhhhh, I think I hear something.
It sounds like swish.....swish......swish....."


"Excuse us......we didn't mean to interrupt your nap!"


" could anyone sleep in a place like this?

"Just keep going, but watch out for the tombstone."



"What's that up ahead?

"Looks like someone is climbing a tree."



"Be careful. Don't trip over that coffin"



"Is he trying to scare us?"


"Listen.....I hear footsteps.
They're getting closer.

I think they're chasing us.

RUN ! ! !



"We can slow down now. We lost him.
I wonder who we'll meet next?"


"Oh my gosh! What's HE doing here?"


"Come on, Danielle.
This is no time to ask for an autograph!"


"Whoa.....this guy looks hungry"



"Look! It's a soccer team!"



" did we get outside?"



"I don't know. Let's go back!"




"What's That?"

"What's what?"?

"That howling?"



"He looked hungry, too"

"Let's get out of here!"

"OK, the sign says we can come back anytime!"







Grandpa John,
Grandma Jo
......and Sidney


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